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Active Operations: All Hallows Eve Festival set in motion - demonic activity has increased by 75%. Guards and Angels are to be on Wall Watch for the entirety of the intiation.

Threats: Croats increasing numbers near Canaan, Caelum, and Mirabili. Demons are increasing their numbers surrounding Sanctus. Possible threat to the prophet. She is not to leave the city at all times.


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Post by Reagan Winchester on Mon Nov 03, 2014 4:57 pm

There was a burning in Reagan's chest. For one thing, her daughter was going out there and had to fend for herself, and although she knew that Holly would do great, there was always that motherly instinct that said otherwise. Reagan always tried her hardest to be the supportive parent - the one who encouraged her kids to do new things and to try their hardest even if they thought they weren't good enough. And with all the military instruction she had given in the past 15 years, she wasn't able to get rid of the nervousness, or even hide it that well.

So when Reagan had taken her seat at the outer wall to look out into the ruins in case something were to happen, she let out the most exhausting sigh as she started to run a hand through her hair. There was mostly silence beyond the wall, though it was hard to hear much with all the festivities going on. Beside her was her husband, who was probably in more of a fret than she was - he was in charge of everything after all, and he always seemed to feel like it was all his responsibility for things to run smoothly. 

They had the comfort and company of their friends and family at least. While Mary and Sam were probably off having fun before the end of the ceremony (Mary did have to give the ribbons to the winning hunters) Castiel, Aislinn, and Sam were there, along with the rest of their family and good company. Staying quiet for a long moment as she tried to focus on whatever was going on, she looking over to Aislinn for some reassurance and relief. 

Even after all the trouble those two had been in together, they were still the closest of friends and knew each other inside out. They always seemed to know what the other one was thinking and what to say to make the other person feel better. But from the looks of how Aislinn appeared, she wasn't holding up too well either. This was both their first initiation where they had one of their children being apart of it. 

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