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Post by Mary Winchester on Tue Sep 16, 2014 8:56 pm


  • You must be 16 years of age or older to join this site.

  • Please register with your character name, first and last with capitalization and spacing. You may join with a nickname also.

  • Our site rating: Rules and Regulations L3_s3_v3 This means that our siting does allow profane language, sexual content, and violence.

  • All mature threads including sexual content or graphic violence/gore must be tagged respectively with [MATURE] or [M]. 

  • There is no minimum word counts any part of the character application, but we do ask that you put some work into it. It's your character and you should take pride in having them well written and put a good amount of effort into them!

  • Face claims are to be real people, whether they are models, celebrities, or any professional photographed personality. We ask that you refrain from using yourself as your character model. You are welcome to photo-manipulate the play by's of canons to make them look older in appearance since this is a futuristic RPG.

  • Please make sure that all signatures do not span past 500 pixels in width. Any pictures that would otherwise stretch the board must be held in SPOILERS.

  • Wanted Dead or Alive is OC-Centric, meaning we prefer originals over canons. While this is a futuristic roleplay, this means that we do allow members to create original characters related to canons with the permission of said canons and WDOA Staff.

  • Any members wishing to join as an original angel or demon must start out with the lowest rank unless given special permission by the Head Admin. To advance your ranks, you must have certain amounts of IC posts as well as an amount of IC Gold count.

  • For the sake of activity, we hold bi-monthly activity checks, which means that all activity of characters will be checked every other month. If you plan on being away for long periods of time, please make an absence notice in our "Hello Goodbye" section.

  • Members are expected to post IC once a month if original, and twice if canon. If you are inactive for a significant period of time before an activity check is in action, you will receive a notice. If within one week of that notice nothing is done, your characters may be suspended.

  • Characters may only begin RPing once they have been accepted by an Administrator or Moderator. 

  • While we do not limit the amount of characters you have at one time, we ask that you have at least 10 IN CHARACTER posts between each character you create with a minimum of 200 words on each of those posts.

  • Please remember that we only allow one character per account. You must register with a new account to create a new character.

  • Killing any characters on the site without the player's consent is prohibited. This site is not meant to be a combat oriented environment - it is for fun, plot development, and ultimately exploring your character's journey through this apocalyptic world. 

  • If your character does happen to die, you have a number of options to explore - your character could either be sent to heaven, hell, or purgatory, or even be infected with the croatoan virus and brought back as an infected. If human, you may even explore the option of becoming a demon.

  • Be respectful of all members of the site. Try to keep drama to a minimum and to get along. Since we strive to have a close-knit group of RPers, it is in our best interest to make sure that everyone is fond of each other. If you are experiencing any uncomfortable situations with another member, do not hesitate to alert a staff member.
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