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Post by Mary Winchester on Thu Nov 06, 2014 1:19 am

This list is updated as time passes and more questions accumulate. Please make sure to check out our Rules and Plot as well before creating a character.

How many characters are we allowed to make?
You are allowed to make as many characters as your heart desires. Just make sure that you keep all of your characters active. We do ask that between each character you make, you make sure to have 10 in character posts that are longer than 200 words. 

Am I allowed to be related to a canon character?
Because this is a futuristic RPG, we do allow the creation of characters who are related or associated to canons. If the canon is taken on the site already, you must make sure to ask permission from whoever plays as them, as well as an admin to make sure you're good to go! Currently all spots for Winchester children are closed.

Are we allowed to play as characters who have died canonly on the shows?
We have an open canon character policy, which means that you are free to make any canon from the shows, regardless of if they have died canonly or not. Because this site is in the future, please make sure to give them their appropriate ages. If they would most likely be dead by this date and time, it is safe to say you shouldn't create them unless they've become a demon or spirit.

How active do I have to be in order to keep my characters?
We require original characters to post IN CHARACTER at least once a month while canons must post IN CHARACTER twice a month. We do hold bi-monthly activity checks to make sure that activity is kept up with and we aren't clogging the sites with dead characters. If you think that you may be away for longer than a month, please make an absence notice.

Can I join as a creature other than the ones listed on the legend?
Depending on what you want to join as, you're welcome to join as most common monsters that are shown in Supernatural. Please make sure to take a look at our Bans/Encouragements List to see what we are currently not allowing and what we are encouraging. 

Do I have to be up to date with Supernatural and The Walking Dead to play on this site?
Yes, if you are applying for a canon. On this site, we account for all past seasons of both SPN and TWD and all events up to the very last episode aired are considered canon. While we do not focus on these events on this site, it must be known that they have happened and we do not want anything spoiled for those who are still trying to catch up.

Are there any creatures your site does not accept?
There are a few types of creatures that we will not be accepting, and it will vary from how active the site is and how many people join as what. Please make sure to check our bans/encouragements list to see what it is that is currently not allowed.

How do I ask an admin for permission to play as a restricted species/rank?
While you can ask for permission in the chatbox, it would be most formal and appropriate to send a private message to either the Head Admin or the Second-In-Command. If you would like to play as a restricted species/rank, you must be ready to have a convincing reason and idea for a character, as well as a very impressive roleplay sample.

Am I allowed to start out with a high rank for my first character creation?
No. Unless you are applying for a canon, we encourage all new members joining with original characters to start out on the lower ranking system to build their characters up.  If you believe that your character would be best displayed with a higher rank, please be ready to message an admin for the request.

Am I allowed to start out with a high rank with my second character creation?
Possibly, if you have shown progress with your first character. We do not want to give away high ranks to new members quickly, so if you have established yourself as an active RPer on the site, we are more likely to allow you to make a second character with more status.

Can I start out with a weapon that isn't already listed automatically for my character's equipment?
You are allowed to replace your guns for crossbows and your machete for a smaller knife. If you are wanting to equip a different type of gun or blade that is larger than a machete, you must either ask permission or wait to buy one when you've accumulated enough gold.

Am I allowed to advertise my site here to be a sister/member site?
Of course! We love affiliates, and we would love to include your site on our list. Just post it up in the appropriate place. 

What do I do if my question isn't on the FAQs? 
Make sure to reread the rules as well as the plot and bans/restrictions and if you are still having trouble and have more questions, do not be afraid to message a staff member for help!

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