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Post by Mary Winchester on Tue Sep 16, 2014 8:58 pm

Please use celebrities and/or professionally photographed models only. No doubles unless for twins, and please refrain from scene queens and selfies.
To add yourself, please reply to the thread using this template

For the ladies
[code][color=hotpink]LAST NAME, First Name[/color] as [i]character name[/i][/code]

For the gentlemen
[code][color=dodgerblue]LAST NAME, First Name[/color] as [i] character name[/i][/code]

While these are face claims that will be used for NPC's made, please be willing to give them up if they are desired by a new member for a character claim.
For the ladies
[code][color=hotpink]LAST NAME, First Name[/color] as [i][color=#ff0000]NPC name[/color][/i][/code]

For the gentlemen
[code][color=dodgerblue]LAST NAME, First Name[/color] as [i][color=#ff0000]NPC name[/color][/i][/code]

A, B, C, D
ACKLES, Jensen as Dean Winchester
AGRON, Dianna as Mary Winchester
ANDREWS, Naveen as Tyrael
BARNES, Ben as Ben Braeden
COFFEY, Susan as Kimberly Waters
COLLINS, Misha as Castiel
CROW, Sheryl as Reagan Winchester
CURRAN, Tony as Lucifer
DEHAAN, Dane as Kayden Elvis Asher
DELEVINGENE, Cara as Riley Edwards
DOBREV, Nina as Candalynne Ariella

E, F, G, H
EFRON, Zac as Noah Novak
FONSECA, Lyndsy as Azrael
FOX, Megan as Charlotte Asher
GABEL, Seth as Eaezar
GARFIELD, Andrew as Danny Winchester
GIBSON, Mel as Caiel
GLOVER, Danny as James Knox
GOODWIN, Ginnifer as Krissy Chambers
HEDLUND, Garrett as Adriel
HEMSWORHT, Liam as Dimitri
HOECHLIN, Tyler as Pierce Lothington
HORTON, Ward as Redd Cyr
HUTCHERSON, Josh as Robert Winchester

I, J, K, L
KUNIS, Mila as Lenore Saunders
LAWRENCE, Jennifer as Aislinn
LERMAN, Logan as Samuel Winchester
LEVINE, Adam as Wolf Nikolson
LIBOIRON, Landon as Kevin Novak

M, N, O, P
MCAVOY, James as Carl Grimes
MOMOA, Jason as Razdriel
PINE, Chris as James

Q, R, S, T
RADCLIFFE, David as Raptus
REDMAYNE, Eddie as Sammael
SHEPPARD, Mark as Crowley
SPEIGHT jr, Richard as Gabriel
STONE, Emma as Emma Novak
TONKIN, Phoebe as Holly Winchester

U, V, W, X
WESLEY, Paul as Jordan Winchester

Y, Z

CRISS, Darren
HEARD, Amber

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