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Post by Mary Winchester on Tue Sep 16, 2014 9:04 pm


The year is 2034. God is still missing, and angels are starting to blame man for it. Lucifer and Michael now have a common goal - to exterminate humans. They both believe that they are responsible for the disappearance of their father and unleash the Croatoan Virus into the world once more.

While Angels and Demons take a side, Humanity is left trying to come together. Being a hunter isn't something to hide anymore. The world as we know it is left in ruins while cities are abandoned. With strict marshal law, curfews, and a lack of trust among each other though, it is difficult to know who the good guys are, or who the bad guys are. Despite humanity wanting to survive, there are still some wicked hearts who act as agents of Lucifer and Michael, pretending to be loyal to humanity.

While Ben Braeden and Dean Winchester are left in charge of the largest Safe Haven, Sanctus, Carl Grimes and Michonne are left in charge of the Southern haven, Canaan. Working together to try and keep all of their people safe, they have one common goal - find the Human Tablet.

Dean Winchester's daughter was born as the next coming prophet. When her powers were activated, she had a vision of where the Human Tablet may be, but she also saw who their chosen hero who would strike down the archangels was. He is human, but cannot be possessed and can see through demons and angels vessels. With tattoos that spread across his body when he comes of age that are only able to be read by the prophet herself, they must work together to be able to find the tablet, as well as the sacred weapon.

Who will your character side with? What will your character do with the Tablet is found? It is up to you.
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