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Bans and Encouragements Empty Bans and Encouragements

Post by Mary Winchester on Thu Nov 06, 2014 2:01 am


  • We are not allowing any original archangels due to there only being four in Supernatural canonly. Even with the most convincing application and roleplay sample, this is never going to change.

  • We are not allowing anyone to use face claims that are the celebrity play by's of canon characters. They may only be used for their respected canon, and their photos may be manipulated to look older.

  • We are currently banning any more characters that are sons/daughters of Sam and Dean Winchester. We are as well banning any creation of Castiel's children. We have exhausted the amount of children they have and are trying to keep it to a reasonable amount.

  • Seraphim Angels and Medium/High Tier Demons are currently restricted to Admin Permission. We do not want to make it a habit for new members to create highly powered characters from the get go.

  • Daeva's, which are a crossbreed of demons and angels are currently restricted to Admin Permission only.¬†

  • Cambions, Leviathans, Deities, Demi-God's, Dragons, and Nephilims are all currently banned on the site until further notice with no exceptions. For plot purposes, this means that any characters in the show who are canon in this race will not be allowed either.


  • We are encouraging new members to create Walking Dead canons and originals! This means any members who are from The Atlanta area or that are associated to Walking Dead canons.

  • We encourage all members to span out from Sanctus. While are you not prohibited from making your character's main operations from that area, we encourage that more characters make their location one of the other Havens.

  • We currently are in need of more villains, whether it be angels, demons, witches, or hunters who are secretly working for Michael and Lucifer.

  • We would love for more characters to join as Men of Letters agents or to branch out from being a normal "hunter".

  • If making an original character isn't your interest as of right now, we would love for our canons to be taken up! Please take a look at our wanted canon list.

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