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Razdriel's Plotter

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Razdriel's Plotter Empty Razdriel's Plotter

Post by Razdriel on Sun Sep 21, 2014 6:28 pm

Razdriel's Plotter Atl3040196uq6

Being a half-demon, half-angel – and thus hunted by both bretheren - Razdriel has found solace in privacy.  He has a hard time getting close to people due to his vague mistrust of, well, everyone.  He tends to keep everyone at arm's length through various means.  Others may interpret that as disrespect or arrogance, but Raz doesn't care; he expects people to put their big boy or big girl pants on and deal with it.

Razdriel will do what he feels is right in any situation, whether for his own stability or the good of the many.

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Razdriel doesn't have any friends presently.  In the past, he has had many friends, most of whom are now dead.  He becomes fond of people, but he wouldn't necessarily say he's attached until their relationship exists for a few years, at least.  

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Razdriel has had many lovers of the female gender.  He has yet to feel inclined to take on a male lover, but isn't adverse to the idea.  The feelings of lust or love just never came to him with a man.  Raz will flirt with whoever he feels comfortable with (or if he's arse-drunk,) but it may take some time to get to that level of comfort with him.

He has fallen for a plethora of women in his time.  Generally, he likes women who can take care of themselves (or at least try to) and a woman who doesn't mind quips.  However, he isn't fickle when it comes to sex.  If he feels the need to “sow his oats” - as it were – he'd seek carnal comfort.  Call him arrogant, but Razdriel believes few wouldn't take him up on his offer.

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Angels and demons put Razdriel on the defensive.  He doesn't care much for them, considering his heritage.  Razdriel doesn't consider anyone an enemy without meeting them, but he may be wary of someone for a long time.  Raz doesn't call many people his enemy.  It's sort of a title to be earned, in his opinion.   However, he does find people distasteful when they put their own selfish desires before the safety of others and he doesn't care much for people who kill excessively.  He'd call them nuisances more than his own personal enemies, though.


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