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Post by The Governor on Mon May 04, 2015 12:18 pm

[align=center]Ambulans Mortuus (Walking Dead) RmHYKgS
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Eurasia. Africa. Antartica. Australia. North and South America.

You can’t escape the living dead- The zombies- The walkers. They’ll feast on you as soon as you stop running or run out of bullets.

You’re in America. Georgia.

Are you and your family hiding in a derelict house or apartment complex? Or are you part of a larger unit that’s roaming the woods, hoping to find a place of safety?

Perhaps you’re a member of one of the groups at West Georgia Correctional Facility? Will you attempt to live peacefully with the others or plot to kill them, so you can take greater control of this former prison?

* * *

Why YOU Should Join!

1. We’re a Walking Dead role-play set after the midseason finale of season 4, but with an alternative ending where everybody ends up living at the prison. You can even bring back dead canons and add in season 5 elements.

2. You don't need to watch the show to play. We love original characters and they're just as welcome to join our ongoing site wide plots as canons.

3. We don’t expect you to write long profiles and posts. We prefer quality over quantity.

4. You're welcome to take part in our completely optional "Fate" system, where characters can die unexpectedly during the role-play. They can even come back as walkers and munch on their former family and friends!

5. Visit the site to find out more reasons why YOU should join![/align]

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