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Post by Swan Mod on Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:09 pm

Swan Empire | School for the Gifted HLE2oj3
"In South Korea, Jeju island, Swan Empire Private academy looks like any other scholar establishments but the truth behind those walls are way more marvellous than you might think."

Would you be able to keep up with the stress of high school life and the responsibility that comes along with abnormal abilities? Things were already hard when you thought you were the only one of your kind, how will you handle meeting all the others? Hopefully, no one will get hurt.

►Forum-based (easy to join and use).
►Alternate universe - General theme: Supernatural high school(X-Men like), Drama
►3rd pov(Para, semi-para, novela)
►Up to 6 character per rper
►Accepting western celebrities with pleasure


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