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Seven Nation Army [OPEN]

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Seven Nation Army [OPEN]

Post by Pierce Lothington on Sun Nov 02, 2014 1:00 am

Pierce ran along side another werewolf. He was about a stride behind; the grass snapped at his jean covered legs. The pair had dark yellow eyes and large canines that were exposed from their parted mouths, panting heavily as they ran. Pierce narrowed his eyes and took one quick step and soon he was lunging and throwing himself at the enemy; he grabbed his shoulders and they both rolled with snarls. Pierce ended up on top and his knees were on his elbows keeping him in full guard. Pierce snarled and his fists balled; his knuckles almost white. Pierce growled and he slammed his fist against the right side of the werewolf's skull then the left side. The other wolf tried his best to free his arms from under Pierce's knees as he tried to move his head to dodge the punches thrown in his direction. Pierce's eyes grew a brighter yellow color as he snarled and one swift movement he was straddling the werewolf's waist and his canines were piercing the fellow wolf's neck. Another second passed and Pierce yanked back and held the throat within his mouth; his nose crinkled and his lips curled back as if he really were a wolf. The werewolf beneath him coughed and spurted blood and went limp moments later. Pierce began panting trough his nose and spit the bloody flesh from his mouth onto the ground, growling under his breath. Slowly he got up, stumbling back slightly as he blinked hard, squeezing his eyes shut then widening them then blinking swiftly a couple times.

Pierce walked away from the body as he grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up to wipe his mouth and chin area; his neck and everywhere he thought there'd be blood. Pierce liked this area; he could run and jump and do his 'parkour' like activities here leisurely. That was; if no one was bothering him. His eyes had yet to turn back to their normal olive golden color, his canines had disappeared; his human edged teeth blood stained ever so slightly. He dropped his shirt and walked easily through the dirty; messy area. He was at ease here when he was being bothered by someone else or hunting someone down. Free to do what he pleased without so many rules. He had a criminal heart that had to be take off its mask occasionally; here is where he could do it. Pierce's lips pressed thin as a smirk crawled along his lips and he blinked; easing himself for the moment and his eyes changed to normal.

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