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Active Operations: All Hallows Eve Festival set in motion - demonic activity has increased by 75%. Guards and Angels are to be on Wall Watch for the entirety of the intiation.

Threats: Croats increasing numbers near Canaan, Caelum, and Mirabili. Demons are increasing their numbers surrounding Sanctus. Possible threat to the prophet. She is not to leave the city at all times.

Reagan Winchester

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Reagan Winchester

Post by Reagan Winchester on Wed Sep 17, 2014 12:40 am

“My children are my life.”


Full Name: Reagan Elizabeth Winchester (née Asher)
Aliases: Ray
Age: 51
Occupation: Vice Chief of Armed Forces
Species: Human
Face Claim: Sheryl Crow

Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Current Residence: Sanctus
Social Class: Upper
Personality: Reagan is feisty, stubborn, and cunning. She is a tough cookie and is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that her friends and family are safe. She has a deep hatred for demons and vampires, and has a tendency to let her emotions get the better of her. She is very collected, but has a short temper and isn't afraid to speak her mind or pull out a weapon if she feels threatened.

Very protective of her family, she becomes hostile if the lives of her husband or children are threatened. Due to her military status, she is known for concealing her feelings rather well while in uniform. She is strict and disciplined.

Parents: Arnold and Evangelina Asher
Siblings: Jayden (deceased) and Charlotte Asher
Children: Mary, Holly, Samuel, and Robert Winchester
Important Figures: Dean Winchester (husband)
Home Town/Planet: Wilmington, North Carolina
Powers/Skills: She knows hand to hand combat, swordplay, knife-play, martial arts, and can handle a gun.
Weaknesses: Normal Human Weaknesses
History: Reagan's life was decided for her the moment she was brought into the world. The youngest of three kids, Reagan was born into a family of well known hunters who resided in Wilmington, North Carolina where they did a lot of there work along the coast.

Her father, Arnold had been a hunter for his entire life, along with his family, and it was the only life they ever knew, for centuries. Coming from the ancestry of King Solomon, demons and supernatural beings were a common legend among their family, so taking to the hunter's lifestyle came easily to them. Her mother, Evangelina on the other hand, was born into a normal life and had took on being a hunter after her sister had been killed by a shifter. The two had met and fell in love rather quickly.

Reagan had two older siblings - Jayden, who was four years older, and Charlotte, who was two. Although she and her sister never really got along, she looked up to her older brother and the two were generally very close, despite Jayden's eagerness to join the family business, and Reagan's ultimate wish to opt out of it to live a normal life.

Although her parents never really expressed their opinions on Reagan's wish to have an apple pie life, they had decided that in the end, it was her decision, but she should learn the basics anyways so that she would be well trained if something ever happened. Whether they wanted to believe it or not, Arnold was set in the belief that the family was cursed and the life of a hunter would follow them to all ends.

Growing up was the easy part of Reagan's life - the hard part was adulthood. From the moment that Reagan had turned 18, her life was flipped upside down and there wasn't much that she could do about it. The minute that Reagan had moved out and moved on, it seemed the infamous curse (whether it be real or not) had followed.
Falling in love and heading to University with a bright future ahead, she had moved into a house with several close friends, as well as her boyfriend.

Although things seemed generally normal for the first year or so, little things always seemed to happen around her. Whether it was people in her classes going missing, or unexplained animal attacks, but none of it was adding up. And although Reagan had ultimately decided that she wasn't going to hunt anymore, she began to investigate - simply out of curiosity.

Everything seemed to be pointing to vampire attacks. The bites, the disappearing students, and the more Reagan dug, the more she put herself and her friends in danger unknowingly. When the vampires had found out who she was and that she came from a line of hunters, they immediately decided to act, in an attempt to scare her away.

One night coming home from a science lab, Reagan had walked in to find her entire house of friends had been slaughtered. Seeing the people she loved in such mangled, disfigured states traumatized her, and from that moment, she snapped. Calling up her father, the two of them began investigating and she was set on the vampires' ultimate demise.

The vampires must have known that this might happen though, because soon after the murders, the disappearances and "animal attacks" abruptly stopped, as though they had packed their things and moved away. Arnold had tried to convince her to let it go, but she was absolutely set on finding the things that killed her boyfriend and friends.

Not soon after, Reagan found out about her father's affair. Only just turned 20 and coming home for Thanksgiving, she noticed how much more quiet her family had been. Charlotte and Jayden both had suddenly decided to leave home without any answers as to why, and she couldn't even get a hold of them. Her parents, on the other hand, were constantly fighting, and her mother's constant crying spells brought up several red flags.

When Arnold had admitted to her what had happened, Reagan couldn't believe what she was hearing. He had apparently been drinking late one night after a rather difficult hunting trip and ended up sleeping with a woman from the roadhouse. Although he barely remembers the events from how intoxicated he was, he did remember that he, in fact, did cheat on his wife.

Reagan left after that. And from that moment, she began to realize that there isn't such thing as a happy ending for a family of hunters. Wherever you go, the curse follows and destroys any chances of normality. Reagan packed her bags, threw them in the back of her car, and decided from then on she would accept the life that the cosmos were so set on her living. Reagan became a full time hunter.

Not long after, Reagan became somewhat of an alcoholic. Drinking her problems away and secluding herself from the company of any remaining friends she had, Reagan was having a bit of a meltdown. As she began reading up on the lore of demons, she had realized that she may be able to bring things somewhat back to normal. She decided that she was going to make a deal.

Summoning a crossroads demon was probably the lowest point in Reagan's life. She was so depressed and so desperate for things to go back to the way they were, she was willing to do any means of achieving it. When she had initially summoned the demon, she had begged him to bring back her boyfriend so that she could protect him from the evils of the world. Of course, when the demon had figured out she was of the Asher family, he had immediately decided to take advantage of this.

Rather than offering her the ten years that a normal deal would give, he had decided to only offer her one. Of course being impulsive and just wanting to look into her lover's eyes once more, she accepted the bargain and the deal was sealed with a kiss. And with that, her lover, Keaton, was returned to life and everything was blissful. Or so she though.

What Reagan didn't realize was that Keaton had spent the last year and a half in hell - being tortured and tormented for what felt like almost two centuries. Events such as that do not take kindly on the human mind and soul, and frankly, since Keaton wasn't a hunter and didn't understand what was going on or how he was brought back to life, he had gone a little crazy.

Not only did he accuse Reagan of being a satanic witch for what she had done to save him, but he had also been experiencing terrifying and vivid nightmares that triggered him to relive the experiences he went through in hell. There was no escaping it, and with not even a month passing since he had been saved, he had killed himself.

Reagan went off the deep end at that point. If things seemed like they couldn't get worse for her, something always had to prove that idea wrong. Not only did she have to lose Keaton twice, but now she had wasted her own soul and was counting down the days when hell hounds would be dragging her to the depths of hell.

She spent most of her time searching for those vampires. She would know them when she saw them, but until she had found them, she would kill any that she came across. In her final days, she wrote letters to her family, letting them know what was happening. While most of the letters she wrote were generally apologetic, the one she wrote for her father was not so much. She still hated him, and she made sure to let him know, even in her final days.

Reagan was dragged to hell, kicking and screaming, spending six months in eternal agony, being tortured in any means possible. Although she never did cave to become a demon, she was heartbroken to find out that Keaton did. What made matters worse was that he was even assigned to torment her from time to time, being a constant reminder of how idiotic she was, and how badly she wasted her life.

Reagan had suddenly woken up in a casket though. Pushing through the top of it as dirt toppled over her, she reached through, finding herself to be buried in an unmarked grave within the middle of the forest. Confused and disoriented, she staggered through until she was able to find some sort of civilization, arriving to a small Roadhouse where she begged to see a phone.

Immediately calling her brother, she begged him to come, explaining that she was incredibly confused and didn't know what was going on. Of course, he immediately assumed that she was a demon, but since whatever this was had been impersonating his sister, he took it upon himself to go over to attempt to kill whatever it was that was doing this.

Immediately upon arrival, Reagan frantically tried to convince him that it was really her. Taking a silver blade to her skin and even allowing him to splash holy water on her, she desperately attempted to have him believe her. Very skeptical, but otherwise relieved to see his baby sister was back, he pulled her into a hug, wondering what in the hell happened to bring her back.

Although she doesn't know this, nor does anyone else, Arnold had been so torn about the death of his daughter and the choices he had made, he had decided to sell his soul to bring her back. Although he only has several years left, he refuses to bring attention to this, and even continues to let his daughter hate him because in his mind he knows he did the right thing.

After moving into a boarding house with several hunter friends to investigate a vampire infestation, Dean Winchester had come across her territory and the two began working together. After some short time, the two began dating. When her brother became possessed by a demon known as Asmodeus, Reagan had gotten into a fatal car accident and had been sent to hell once more. Her best friend had then gave her life to that demon to return Reagan's life.

Reagan and Dean continued to fight Asmodeus until he was finally sealed away once more. Soon after that, leviathans began taking over and Dean knew that he had to face Dick Roman. Saying goodbye to Reagan, he left and she hadn't heard from him since. What she was left with, was a pregnancy. Sam sometime later had informed her that he had died. She hadn't heard from him for several years after that, until he had came to her doorstep as a demon.

When he arrived, she was hostile, seeing that he was different, and he then attacked her. As he was about to drag her into hell, a young child came out of the doorway, and he had realized that it was her daughter. When she tried to explain that it was his child, he immediately became peaceful, and promised he would never let harm come to them. Since then, he had made sure to protect them, despite most of his humanity being gone.

When he was finally cured of being a demon, the two of them married rather quickly. They had a private wedding and Reagan became pregnant again with her second daughter, Holly. The decline in America began once Lucifer and Michael were released from the cage. They began building a safe haven for people to stay.

Keeping their daughters safe was their main priority, especially with Mary being a prophetess. The Croatoan virus was released into the world once more and more people were becoming infected. They finally finished the city and began moving the uninfected people in. More and more safe havens started to pop up, but only the ones near major cities seemed to prevail in the end.

Reagan and Dean became involved with the military and police of the safe haven, and despite the rules being harsh and strict, it is needed for safety. She is now the vice chief of the police and military.

Nickname: Mary
Contact Information: Skype, Tumblr, PM
Other Characters: Mary Winchester, Aislinn
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Reagan Winchester

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