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Pierce's Plotter

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Pierce's Plotter Empty Pierce's Plotter

Post by Pierce Lothington on Sat Sep 20, 2014 7:43 pm

Pierce's Plotter W0FHLSU

Pierce is a confusing, messed up, confused in himself and odd werewolf. He is emotionally unstable many days out of the year, his whole personality seems to be able to change in a few moments. It almost like he was alternate personalities but he's just confused about his life, emotions and feelings. Though hating this fact, he enjoys physically hurting someone and gets relief from his stress and burdens a bit from doing so. When feeling cornered, angered or extremely sad he often turns to violence to express his feelings and often insists he's better off alone and wants to be left alone and those who resist to leave he often times without a conscious he hurts them to make them leave. If he's angered enough that his eyes turn and his fangs elongate he is often unpredictable at this point and anyone around him is in danger, including himself. His mind is blurred out when he hurts someone or is about too, every emotion fading away as he turns into an almost brainless destructive machine. His father conditioned him this way and he can't shake it. Many years of continually acting like this and feeling such ways have caused his brain to naturally act such a way. He doesn't know how to feel about most things and gets confused... Many times after hurting someone or killing them he feels a rush of guilt and sorrow. He's convinced himself he's a disgusting, horrid monster mostly because that's what many people call him, or a dog. Pierce has many, many locked up, pent up emotions and feelings that need to break free but he's never allowed it to happen. A few of them he's only let out to Gabriel and even after 24 years he still has some locked up.

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Pierce doesn't have very many friends but he can make them quite easily. The man reason he doesn't have many friends is because he hardly ever went out before and only did at night to go to bars and clubs, not making any real friends while there. He is quite friendly, caring and kind to people and he likes to think he would have many, many friends if he goes out more and meets more people. He befriends both those of the supernatural community and those of the normal, mortal community. He, however does not make friends with hunters no matter who they are. He may act like he is friends with them but he doesn't trust any hunter therefore he cannot forge a friendship. [Exception for the Winchesters ^^]

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Love is a very, very touchy and rough subject for Pierce. He has trust issues and often times won't let anyone get any closer than a one night stand. He doesn't like to talk a lot or talk about himself so his lovers don't know as much as they could about him, he likes using few words when it comes to talking about himself. When and if he does fall in love he falls hard, his love is unmeasurable and he wouldn't be able to describe his feelings for his love. He has a tough time, with all his confusing emotions and things finding lovers. His emotions and feelings simply wouldn't allow him. When Pierce fell in love with Gabriel it was so unexpected and Pierce never did that before where after a one night stand he stayed the night and then the next night too and soon they were in love and he was opening up to the Archangel. Pierce; as well as Gabriel are both certain cherubs were involved in their falling in love, Pierce never could've fallen in love so easily. He wants his feelings to be real and he thinks they are but really he's confused about this as well. Pierce has now gotten married to Gabriel and after twenty two years of marriage and adopting a son he is most certain of his feelings, determined to live as long as fate will allow with Gabriel.

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It's actually quite hard to become an enemy of Pierce's; though if you're another werewolf it's easier to become his enemy and if you're a hunter you're an automatic enemy regardless who you are, personality and if you hunt or not anymore; once a hunter always a hunter. Vampires are his natural instinctive enemy. Yes, he forgives hunters because they're only doing their jobs of hunting monsters like him. He will hurt them trying to protect himself but as soon as the fight is over he leaves them be, only if they come back to him will he fight or hurt them again. Nervous and anxious around hunters often causes taunting from the hunters and he will at times fire back with insults or physical abuse.
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