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Azrael's Plotter

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Azrael's Plotter Empty Azrael's Plotter

Post by Azrael on Sat Sep 20, 2014 6:13 pm

Azrael's Plotter Athena10

To sum up Azrael in a word? Loyal. Either that, or too curious for her own good. Having been raised mostly by Death instead of by God like many of the other angels, Az's curiosity and questioning were never as frowned upon as they may have been had she remained close to the Host. But that's what happens when you turn a human into an angel, you never quite get rid of their humanity. Regardless, once Az befriends someone, she won't leave them. But at the same time, she's afraid to get close to people. As a young angel, the Host wasn't always the kindest to her, and so she's never made any strong connections with other angels. Add on the fact that the Host made her forget she had a husband and a daughter and you've got yourself an angel who's afraid to lose people. One of these days, Azrael is going to get herself into some serious trouble. Or killed. And the only two reasons for that would be curiosity killed the cat, or sacrificing herself to save someone she cares about.

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Unfortunately, Azrael has always been a bit of a loner. Her closest friend is probably Death himself, but she hasn't actually seen the Horseman in a long time. Part of her is convinced being alone is better than watching people die or leave her. But another part of her is extremely lonely.

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If Azrael falls in love, she falls in love hard. That being said, she hasn't been in a serious relationship in a very long time. As a human - as Azra - she had a husband that she would have died for and a daughter she would have gone to the ends of the Earth to protect. As an angel, however, Azrael is more about unnecessary one-night-stands than anything else. She's tried having relationships, but her insecurities always seem to get in the way. Maybe that'll change someday.

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Despite her loyalty to humanity, Azrael has never seen Lucifer as a foe. To be honest, she used to look up to him as a young angel, and actually misses him. On the other hand, despite having joined his side during the First War, Az dislikes Michael with a passion. He all but tricked her into joining his side by making her believe she was needed, otherwise Azrael knows she would have fallen with Lucifer that day. As far as she's always been concerned, he's a self-absorbed jerk who was responsible for keeping her human memories locked up as well as casting her out of heaven. Knowing Lucifer and Michael are working together now definitely has some of here feelings for her older brothers very confused.

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Post by Adriel on Sat Sep 20, 2014 6:28 pm

I would love to RP with Azrael sometime! She seems like a very complex angel. Very Happy

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