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Status: Severe

Active Operations: All Hallows Eve Festival set in motion - demonic activity has increased by 75%. Guards and Angels are to be on Wall Watch for the entirety of the intiation.

Threats: Croats increasing numbers near Canaan, Caelum, and Mirabili. Demons are increasing their numbers surrounding Sanctus. Possible threat to the prophet. She is not to leave the city at all times.

Kimberly's Plotter

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Kimberly's Plotter Empty Kimberly's Plotter

Post by Kimberly Waters on Sat Sep 20, 2014 5:52 pm

Kimberly's Plotter <img src=" />

Kimberly is a strong, skillful hunter who was initiated into the Hunters Foundations a year ago. She doesn't have any family in Santus and has tried her best to build a life for herself here. Although she doesn't like to fight she will if she has to, which she does quite often. She also appears stoic at times, typically during periods of crisis or stress. She carries a lot of anger towards Croats especially, after the virus took her family. This becomes especially evident while she's fighting or training. Her intense hatred of the virus and those infected makes her a better and more focused fighter with only one goal during most of the expeditions she goes on outside of the wall, and that is to kill as many Croats as she can. This normally doesn't make her reckless as she thinks that the best strategy is having a plan of attack before actually attacking. The only creatures that really shakes her up are hellhounds, after she was attacked during last years initiation on All Hallow's Eve.

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Kimberly hasn't made socialization a priority since moving to Santus. She doesn't have any close friends currently, though she wasn't as closed off before. She usually looks for someone to talk to and hunt with, although she isn't quick to get too attached to anyone anymore, given the high death rate of fellow hunters, especially the newer and less experienced ones.

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Kimberly was dating someone in Chicago for quite a few years before a few people there were infected and consequently killed. She hasn't dating since and hasn't wanted to, despite various people expressing interest. In a partner Kimberly primarily looks for someone that she can trust. She isn't a big flirter, unless she's interested in whomever she's flirting with.

Kimberly's Plotter Tumblr_nc7r06ZMxz1rl3yf0o3_500
Other than the obvious enemies to humans (Croats, angels, demons, etc..), Kimberly doesn't consider too many people enemies. She isn't too fond of people who are cocky or overly obnoxious. Because she values loyalty, betrayal in any form is especially hurtful. if someone seriously hurts or angers her, Kimberly typically is not quick to forgive.

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