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Witches Orb - Krissy Chambers

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Witches Orb - Krissy Chambers Empty Witches Orb - Krissy Chambers

Post by Krissy Chambers on Wed Sep 17, 2014 4:03 am

Powers/Skills: any powers or skills? This could be use of a weapon, psychic abilities, etc. depending on your race.

I'm including a weapon in here sooooo:

Yes, though it's more of something she was learned of rather then otherwise. It was about three years after. Two years before the start of the virus, Krissy was taking on a hunt in Oregon over a set of witches that seemed to be untraceable. They would phase in and out of places as if they could move through solid objects, just disappearing and reappearing with no real complete idea as to how they did it. It took her several months of going undercover in the town to route out the source of the problem and take down the coven one at a time. They had been using specific sets of runes that they would draw up on themselves to be able to alter their reality. Much like when Dean and Sam moved into the spirit world by drinking the juice Pamela gave them, except rather then just the spirit, their entire being was ported into that world and out again whenever the erased the rune. The item they used to draw the runes on themselves was key, a small round orb that would socket in and out of a bracelet they would wear. If taken out and traced upon the skin in the right pattern, it would shift them into that spirit walking world and make them disappear from the real one.

Krissy managed to obtain one of these items herself in this hunt but she doesn't speak about it much. This is one of the main reasons she is so good at recon missions. It makes her see the world around her and experience it but not be touched by it either. Course, the longer she is in there, the harder it is to get away, she's found, so if she's not focused and let's herself stay to long... well, it hasn't happened yet, but she likely would just die completely, disappearing forever. Not only that, but disappearing like that takes a bit of time. You have to pull out the orb and make the symbol after all. Being caught by surprise would stop her from using it at all.

How it works: Drawing a specialized rune on any part of the body (skin) with this item allows the character to temporarily spirit walk, body and all, for distances until the rune is rubbed off or erased. The character has the ability to observe what is happening in the real world as well as in the spirit world without being seen or harmed.
Pros: You can be able to be temporarily untouchable in this world and no one will sense your presence.
Cons: Unable to be used unless rune is drawn, which takes time. Staying for long periods of time in the spirit walking world causes your soul to leave your body and disappear all together, effectively killing you and making you disappear from earth all together. IE: DON'T STAY IN THERE TO LONG
Krissy Chambers
Krissy Chambers

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Witches Orb - Krissy Chambers Empty Re: Witches Orb - Krissy Chambers

Post by Mary Winchester on Wed Sep 17, 2014 5:08 am


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Mary Winchester
Mary Winchester

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