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Welcome to Wanted Dead or Alive! We are a Supernatural and The Walking Dead Crossover RPG that takes place in 2034 - approximately 20 years into the future. You're welcome to take a look around and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to pop into our OOC Chatbox. Our staff is incredibly friendly and willing to help in any way we can!

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Status: Severe

Active Operations: All Hallows Eve Festival set in motion - demonic activity has increased by 75%. Guards and Angels are to be on Wall Watch for the entirety of the intiation.

Threats: Croats increasing numbers near Canaan, Caelum, and Mirabili. Demons are increasing their numbers surrounding Sanctus. Possible threat to the prophet. She is not to leave the city at all times.

A Dream of Spring

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A Dream of Spring  Empty A Dream of Spring

Post by ellia on Sun Mar 15, 2015 2:17 am

The season is currently Winter, the time of short days and freezing cold weather. It has been four years since King Tommen the Seventh of his name passed away at the ripe old age of eight-and-forty, with one daughter and one son. Since then, his son has perished in a battle against the some Braavosi who dared challenge him, though he left a heir, another King Tommen, eighth of his name. Once more, yet another king was slain though this time it was in his own bedchambers. The most recent King Tommen fell ill, so much that even the Grand Maester could not save him. Now you are all caught up as to what King died and where.

The Hand has been the same all through out the ruling, now a old man ripe in his old age, being of five-and-sixty, he is not fit to rule the Kingdom in the King's place, thus putting the kingdom in peril.

To make matters worse, the Noth is in peril. If a Bolton isn't attacking a Greyjoy, then you have wildlings pillaging all north of the neck and trying to work their way south. The Starks have their men spread as much as they can to gather them all, as the Night's Watch tries to repair the damaged wall.

A Dream of Spring


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