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Robert Winchester

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Robert Winchester

Post by Robert Winchester on Mon Sep 22, 2014 1:19 am

“Make the Punishment fit the situation”

Full Name: Robert Arnold Winchester
Aliases: Rob, Bobby, Robbie (Mary only)
Age: 19
Occupation: Hunter in Training
Species: Human
Face Claim: Josh Hutcherson

Sexual Preference: Hetrosexual
Marital Status: Single
Spouse: N/A
Loyalty: Humanity
Current Residence: Sanctus
Social Class: Upper Class
Personality: Robert is very much like his namesakes, he is a quiet young man who is very deeply loyal and loving to his family. He is the type to do anything to protect them no matter how weird or insane they are, he is also one of the people that will do anything to keep family and friends safe. Of all his siblings it's no surprise the oldest turned out the most normal for all of them, he has no real issues unlike his younger siblings.

He is the one that turned out the least likely to go off and be stupid, he was the first boy and there for a lot was expected of him. His other siblings were babied because they were off or younger than him, Robert has not really known this because he wasn't ill or off in any way. He is the type of young man that is very studious when he needs to be and he is eager to be a hunter, he wants to join the family business. Robert is also excited to have a chance to become a Man of Letters, which he feels is an honor.

There are a few traits that he seems to have gotten from his grandfather of being a little suspicious of some people. This is because he was told stories about strangers and being demons, or other enemies. He doesn't trust people he's meeting for the first time easily because he's scared of betrayal or otherwise hurt badly. Robert does however make surface friends easily, people he knows and is friendly with but otherwise gets along with. Becoming a true friend to him is difficult and takes a level of association most people don't have. Robert is slow to trust someone enough to call them friend but he does have a few close friends, such as the Novak children.

Those that would dare to oppose his family and his home are his enemies and he is merciless with them. Robert will have no mercy for his foes he is ruthless with them and will brutally hunt down those that would harm his family or his city. He is a young man bent on proving his worth as a hunter by taking down his enemies without remorse, some say that this comes from the aggression he has yet to fully vent. But it's really he's just tired of this shit, he wishes they didn't have to deal with Croats or Walkers or any of the other creepy shit. So he vents this on the monster's in question.

Parents: Reagan and Dean Winchester
Siblings: Mary Ann Winchester, Samuel John Winchester, Holly Marie Winchester
Children: None
Important Figures: Sam Winchester
Home Town/Planet: Sanctus, Earth
Powers/Skills: Fairly good shot, Decent with a machete, could use improvement in hand to hand
Weaknesses: Completely normal human
History: Robert was the first boy born to Dean and Reagan Winchester, he grew up a pretty normal life and lived a pretty average one given what happened. He was raised as a Hunter In Training and he took to it like a fish to water, but he did notice that Sam had problems so he tried to help him but failed often. So he pulled away then he decided to just not worry about Samuel he'd be fine so he did his best to live his life and be there for his sisters. He was around a lot and spent a lot of time with his family and doing what was needed.

Recently Rob noticed how Dean treated Samuel so he decided he'd make it easy on his father, he would fake his own death during the initiation and no one would know about it. He was doing this to force his father's hand and when Samuel had come into his own he'd return, maybe he hasn't completely decided yet. Mary found out just before it went down and he made her promise not to say anything to anybody about it.

Nickname: Prissy
Contact Information: goldriderprissy AIM & Gchat; PM
Other Characters: Gabriel, Dean Winchester, Noah Novak
Source: Second in Command

Roleplay Sample: Required if applying for a canon. Otherwise, it is totally optional.
Robert Winchester

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Re: Robert Winchester

Post by Mary Winchester on Thu Nov 13, 2014 12:04 am

You have been Accepted!
Woohoo, little bro~
You're already added to Face Claims and Who's Who, so you're good to go!

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