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Scouting and Alone Time

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Scouting and Alone Time

Post by Gabriel on Sat Sep 20, 2014 3:59 pm

Gabriel looked at the ground for a moment, he'd chosen to come to Wichita Ruins he knew that Pierce was nearby at the moment. He was more concerned with the small group of Croats he was watching they weren't interested it seemed in him or the fact there was a werewolf around somewhere. Gabriel had come here to try and scout and get away from the rest of the human defenders to hopefully think, he knew that Lucifer would rather have him on his side but Gabriel loved humans too much. He loved them and what they stood for and he now had a son that was human as well as a husband who was a werewolf, but that meant that it was only more reason to protect them. He sighed as he counted the Croats that were nearby he could easily kill them in a burst of pyrotechnics but he hated being flashy. Gabriel chuckled as he looked at them then his eyes darted around trying to figure out where exactly they were in what remained of Wichita.

"Pierce?" He asked softly as he started looking for his husband, more than a bit nervous since there were Croats there. He knew Pierce could handle his own given that he had been with him for twenty four years, twenty two years they'd been married. He saw one of the croats start to move as though it saw something or sensed something Gabriel let his eyes follow the movement and wondered what it was. He needed to be sure it wasn't Pierce coming in that way.

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Re: Scouting and Alone Time

Post by Pierce Lothington on Sat Sep 20, 2014 7:00 pm

Pierce sat on a roof; his jeans becoming slightly damp from the moist feeling moss and plants he sat upon. His legs hung over the edge of the roof and his heels tapped the brick wall creating the buildings structure; his gun held loosely in his hand while resting in his lap. His grey shirt had a rip right above his left side ribcage from when it got caught on a metal rod sticking out from an alley wall as he passed through it. He watched the whole ruined city around him; each body that moved and each plant that flowed in the wind. He was feeling relaxed and at ease, he had blown the brains from two Croats earlier and decided that was enough for now. He didn't mind killings anyone or anything but always made it seem like it bothered him, just so people wouldn't see him as an enemy or emotionless killer. Sure he was a monster and at heart and brain was but he made it seem otherwise. Pierce enjoyed eating humans and that was something he was never going to tell anyone, ever. He had a human son and that wouldn't go down well he'd assumed. Of course Pierce would never hurt his son, humans often took things a little too close to home. Either way, Pierce was at ease with himself now-a-days even with everything going on. He felt more comfortable in his skin and what he was but knew he better not get too comfortable..

Pierce's eyes trailed along a Croat's path just behind its heels as it walked; he could see the thing in his vision but his main focus wasn't on the creature. With a small sigh Pierce placed his gun in his belt and turned so he was standing on the edge of the building with his heels hanging over and his back facing outward. He took a step back and easily caught himself on the ledge with his hands and positioned himself over a car hood and dropped down; landing down he rolled and landed on his feet in a crouch before standing. He widened his eyes and stumbled back as a Croat moved out from an alley centimeters from his body, taking him by surprise. Within seconds Pierce had thrown the nasty son of a bitch through the window of a building and wiped his hands on his pants; just the natural idea of touching one making him feel disgusted. The groaning and moaning creature just lay there for a few moments as Pierce heard his name. Arching a brow, his lip twitched slightly and he jogged across the alley opening and onto the hood of a car; standing on the top of the car he kept once more onto a different roof; pulling himself onto the roof from the ledge. He shoulder rolled onto the roof and quickly got to his feet. He was feeling quite, feral at the moment. Though he didn't exactly look feral his nerves were twitching anxiously making him feel jittery and aggressive. All the roof climbing and jumping, rolling around and parkour type activities weren't needed but he enjoyed doing them and it kept his mind off a few things when he did them, even for a split second. As Pierce stood on the roof he walked toward the ledge and looked down; starting at one end of the alley then trailing to the other and then he spotted Gabriel. His feral smirk turned to a neutral facial emotion and then a smile. He wiped his forehead with his forearm and kept grinning; his body wet with perspiration. "Gabriel." He could always be brought back down to earth and grounded at the sight or sound of his husbands voice. Calming his feelings and emotions, even his instincts. Pierce stood on the roof; the tear in his shirt exposing his ribcage ridges and the small line of dried blood where a wound had previously been but had since healed. "You found me." Pierce snickered under his breath and licked his lips.

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