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Noah Novak

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Noah Novak

Post by Noah Novak on Fri Sep 19, 2014 4:10 pm

“I'm just another Hunter.”

Full Name: Noah Zayden Novak
Aliases: Noah, Zayden, Zay
Age: 21
Occupation: Hunter
Species: Human
Face Claim: Zac Efron

Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: Sanctus
Social Class: Upper
Personality: Noah was raised to be a hunter, he was born of two angels so he knows duty and loyalty. He is always the first to tell others off for breaking their word or being disloyal, if anyone forgets their duty or their place he is among the first to tell them so. Noah is very much a young man that knows what duty, honor and discipline mean he also knows that there is a time and place for fun but he rarely lets it show. Times make hard people and while under normal circumstances Noah might have turned out a different kid the times have made him into a soldier already.

For all the front he puts on about being a soldier inside he's scared and uncertain about his own self worth as well as pessimistic about how valuable he is. He knows that he's not the best at any one thing and he's sure that he's going to mess up but he also knows that with his family they won't let hm stay down. He is very protective of his siblings even with his own doubts he will lay down his life to protect his younger siblings and friends. He is also the type to not want to spend his off time goofing off but he will if it makes someone he knows happy.

Noah is very serious most of the time and very rarely let's people too close because he doesn't want to hurt them or be hurt by their loss. He is the type of young man that would have made an excellent soldier, he's also very studious when he needs to look something up and is the type to spend days studying his enemy if he can. He won't ever forget the fact that he is the son of angels and the grandson of an archangel, he's sure that his place is as a hunter.

Parents: Castiel and Aislinn
Siblings: Kevin James Novak, Emma Roxanne Novak
Important Figures: Dean and Reagan Winchester, Mary Winchester, Samuel Winchester
Home Town/Planet: Sanctus
Powers/Skills: Excellent hand to hand fighting, Good marksman, trained in hunting skills
Weaknesses: Typical human
History: Noah was a surprise to his parents when Aislinn found out she was pregnant with him she was graceless and they were fighting to get Dean back. But Noah didn't know about any of that for a long time, he didn't need to. He's known no life but this one and it hasn't been easy he was raised in Sanctus, mostly by Reagan and Dean than his own parents. Sure they tried to be there as frequently as they could but they were angels and there for gone a lot but they were always there for his birthdays.

When he was three his mom gave birth to another kid this time a pair of twins a boy and a girl, Noah understood what it meant to be a big brother. Dean made sure he understood that it was his job to help make sure they stayed safe. But he wasn't forced to protect them like Dean had been Sam it was more of a sense of right and wrong along with duty. He was raised right alongside Mary and the other Winchester kids, he was always very close to Mary because of their close age but he also felt she was extremely reckless.

Noah had a girlfriend for a short while in a girl that was a hunter's kid when All Hallow's Eve came when she was eighteen she didn't make it back at midnight. Noah never found out what happened to her but he decided to wait until after he survived to date again he didn't want to hurt anyone the way he was hurt. Even if the two had only been dating for about a year when she didn't make it.

Nickname: Prissy
Contact Information: goldriderprissy AIM/Gchat; PM
Other Characters: Dean Winchester, Gabriel
Source: Link from Mary

Roleplay Sample: Required if applying for a canon. Otherwise, it is totally optional.
Noah Novak

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Re: Noah Novak

Post by Mary Winchester on Fri Sep 19, 2014 4:15 pm

Accepted! Please add yourself to the Face Claims and Who's Who!

I've seen down the end of the road
I deal in a different story
I will never let go again
I feel it in my bones
Mary Winchester

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