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Welcome to Wanted Dead or Alive! We are a Supernatural and The Walking Dead Crossover RPG that takes place in 2034 - approximately 20 years into the future. You're welcome to take a look around and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to pop into our OOC Chatbox. Our staff is incredibly friendly and willing to help in any way we can!

As you can see above, this is our site rating. We are an RPG that will at times deal with mature topics, although any triggers are tagged appropriately and will have proper warnings. Due to this, we are not allowing anyone under the age of 16 to join the site. Please take a look at our guide for any helpful information and we hope you have a fun time!

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Status: Severe

Active Operations: All Hallows Eve Festival set in motion - demonic activity has increased by 75%. Guards and Angels are to be on Wall Watch for the entirety of the intiation.

Threats: Croats increasing numbers near Canaan, Caelum, and Mirabili. Demons are increasing their numbers surrounding Sanctus. Possible threat to the prophet. She is not to leave the city at all times.


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Post by Jericho on Fri Sep 19, 2014 4:31 am

“For the last goddamn time! Im not a demon!”

Full Name: Jericho (jr.)
Aliases: Abomination, Nephilim, super human
Age: ???
Occupation: Survivor
Species: Nephilim; Half Angel, Half Demon
Face Claim: Dante (DmC)

Sexual Preference: ???
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: Wastelands
Social Class: Poor
Personality: When it comes to other people, he keeps himself distant from them, having a stoic look he doesn't trust. But when you do get to know him, he has a kind heart and a wise cracking kind of guy. When it comes to danger, he is rather hard headed and always tries to play hero, acting like a man who can do anything, and he isn't afraid to do show it.
Appearance: He wears a white tank top, a tattered black coat with red interior and a hood, black jeans, and boots. He also has a necklace around his neck that lightly glows red. On his back, he has these angelic tattoos.

Parents: Jericho, the Angel; Kanika, The demon
Siblings: None
Important Figures: His father and mother
Home Town/Planet: Hell
Powers/Skills: He can only glide with outlines of his wings visible. He also has some incredible strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, and acrobatic skills. He also can be able to sense wether someone is an angel or a demon. He can become more powerful, but it is stored within his amulet.
Weaknesses: He isn't invincible having angel and demon blood in him, meaning he is vulnerable to both of their power and attacks. Spells can also be used against him, but most of the time he becomes comatose. His fondness for humans also can lead him into a lot of trouble. His amulet that stores his power must be unleashed as well by a special ritual, but he does not know of its power nor how to unleash it, keeping him limited.
History: Eons ago, two sworn enemies had put a stop in their stalemate and had fallen in love with each other. That love then bore them a son who was named after his father. Knowing that the others would see it all as abomination, they kept hidden in the world. Until suddenly, upon begin spied on, the couple and their child were exposed and attacked by the angels. The father had died in combat, fighting them off as the demon fled into Hell with her child where the angels could not dwell. But, she was branded as a traitor and had been imprisoned in the deepest parts of hell, and the child meant to be tortured for eternity. When he did become of age, his power grew stronger, and he had escaped into the world, where he takes his steps towards whatever destiny lies before him...

Nickname: Kyle
Contact Information: Message Me
Other Characters: Caiel
Source: Tumblr

"I will not go down without a fight...."


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Re: Jericho

Post by Aislinn on Fri Sep 19, 2014 4:39 am


Please add yourself to the Face Claims and Who's Who!

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