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Status: Severe

Active Operations: All Hallows Eve Festival set in motion - demonic activity has increased by 75%. Guards and Angels are to be on Wall Watch for the entirety of the intiation.

Threats: Croats increasing numbers near Canaan, Caelum, and Mirabili. Demons are increasing their numbers surrounding Sanctus. Possible threat to the prophet. She is not to leave the city at all times.


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Post by Tyrael on Fri Sep 19, 2014 1:41 am

“Better late than never I suppose.”

Full Name: Tyrael
Aliases: The forgotten Angel
Age: Ageless
Occupation: ---
Species: Angel
Face Claim: Naveen Andrews

Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: Caelum
Social Class: High Class
Personality: Tyrael is a rather mysterious and lucky angel, in the past he made it a point to stay hidden as he wanted nothing to do with order and commands, he would alter the world in no ones favor he simply perceive what was going on. Tyrael is a rather smart angel and always has something hidden up his sleeve. He easily can come to terms with people and sympathize with them but mostly only to the extent that he understands whats going on with them instead of feeling the overwhelming need to actually help out. Tyrael only helps out when he himself is motivated to do some form of 'good' mainly to make himself feel better or when he is properly motivated by those that are asking for his help. Despite the fact that he doesn't always show up to help and instead is simply seeking understanding, Tyrael sometimes sticks around to what things play out and ends up getting dragged into a situation in which he has no other choice but to ask.

For the most part, Tyrael is calm, collected and somewhat reserved. He likes to speak only when he has something important to say though he can be prompted into a conversation rather easily. Because he is an angel he feels some slight obligation to remain on the 'good guys' side and of course he is not really much of a fan of his brother Lucifer, Tyrael prefers to be on what he likes to call 'his own' side. Tyrael doesn't look down on humans as some disgusting insect created by his father but rather experiments that his father decided to create in order to amuse himself and to simply 'see what happens.' Because of this point of view, Tyrael is very interested in the actions of the humans among the world of gods, angels, demons and much more. He wishes not to affect this interaction one way or another but as a soldier of god there are times when duty calls and Tyrael will respect his own wishes to help out the humans from time to time when it is necessary.

Tyrael is generally in good spirits, he enjoys doing certain humanly things because of his travels. When Tyrael hid himself from heaven and hell he traveled the world, time and space simply for the experience and to see what it was like during times of the world. If you didn't already know Tyrael sometimes it would be hard to guess that he is actually a celestial being and not a normal person. With that said, Tyrael does have a rather short temper especially when it comes to demons, he hates the hellspawn that his brother Lucifer has brought to life, he will often go on a rampage and mercilessly slaughter a demon without a moments notice.

Parents: God
Siblings: Angels
Important Figures: N/A
Home Town/Planet: Heaven
Superhuman strength - The physical strength of an angel in a vessel is unknown, it's possible that their strength is unlimited as it doesn't come from the vessels muscles but instead their angelic power. They also have an extreme control on their strength as they have been shown to punch through walls but also non-fatally punch humans. One has been shown to be able to lift a one-ton anvil with ease.
Telekinesis - Angels have the ability to move and influence objects with their minds.
Teleportation - Angels have the ability to teleport anywhere in the world as long as the area is not protected by Enochian sigils. They can teleport themselves and other beings. Dean refers to teleportation as "beaming", and on some occasions as "zapping". The process can be uncomfortable for humans, according to Dean.[35] It may involve:
Creating sudden wind, shattering lights (Castiel), and causing an Eastern Seaboard blackout (Raphael) when manifesting.[26][35]
Covert arrival, i.e. when Anna Milton attacked Uriel, or when Castiel attacked Zachariah's henchmen.[29][36]
Invisibility - Angels, even while occupying vessels, can render themselves unseen.
Healing - Angels have the ability to heal humans. When angels are disconnected from Heaven, they lose this power, as shown during Castiel's defection from Heaven.
For example, Michael heals Sam, and Castiel heals Dean.[3][37] Metatron also heals Kevin Tran.
Angels are able to maintain their vessels without food, water, or sleep, and to heal them after they are injured. Lucifer healed Nick's body after he was shot by the Colt. Castiel has healed his vessel, Jimmy Novak. Their vessels also appear resistant to disease. However, when Castiel is on the verge of becoming mortal, Pestilence is able to infect him.[38] Possessed vessels do not seem to age. Also, weakened angels in vessels can become drunk, but it takes an extremely large amount of alcohol. This was the case with Castiel. An angel's ability to maintain and heal its vessel can be used to repair fatal damage that even their healing power can't fix.
Sedation - As displayed by Castiel & Michael, angels have the ability to make humans unconscious by placing two fingers on their foreheads.
Smiting - Angels have the ability kill demons by placing a hand on the forehead of a possessed individual. Extremely powerful demons are immune to the touch of lower-level angels, e.g. Alastair.[2] This works on monsters like vampires too, as displayed by Castiel in 6.19 Mommy Dearest. Humans can also be killed by this power.[39] A special class of angels called the Rit Zien can use this to kill mortally-wounded angels and humans, but when they do, the being it is used on near-instantly explodes in a painless death.[40]
Supernatural perception - Angels are able to see objects and beings that are invisible to humans, for e.g. reapers and Enochian sigils.
Telepathy - Angels have the ability to communicate using their minds.
Dreamwalking - Angels can enter human dreams in order to communicate with them. They do not need to know where the person is to use this ability.
Soul-reading - By reaching into a human's chest, an angel can read marks left on the human's soul by another angel. This procedure is very painful for the human, but leaves little physical damage. Thus far, this ability has only been used by Castiel.
Soul-channeling - Angels can use the energy from souls to empower themselves. Castiel siphons some energy from Bobby's soul to pull Sam and Dean forward in time.[41] He absorbs fifty thousand damned souls to declare war on Raphael.[8] He manages to destroy Raphael by taking in the souls of Purgatory.[42]
Voice mimicry - Angels have the ability to sound like any human they choose.[29][3]
Knowledge of all prophets - Castiel claims that Leah, the Whore of Babylon, is not a prophet because he has every prophet's name "seared" into his brain, and it is likely that all angels do as well. Samandiriel displays this ability as well.
Time travel - Angels have the ability to go backward and forward through time, though this is difficult without Heaven's assistance.
Special Abilities:
Memory manipulation - Angels have the ability to take away and restore a human's memories. Angels can also implant fake memories. Displayed by Zachariah, Michael, & Castiel.
Revelation - Angels can implant visions into a prophet’s mind, as demonstrated when Zachariah uses Chuck.[36]
Resurrection - Some angels are sufficiently powerful to resurrect humans, even from Hell.
Gabriel resurrects Dean [43] and so does Castiel when Dean is returned from Hell.[26]
Joshua resurrects Sam and Dean;[1] Zachariah resurrects Adam.[31]
Castiel resurrects Bobby[37]
Gadreel resurrects Castiel[44] and Charlie Bradbury[45]
Metatron resurrects a young woman hit by a car[46]
Other Forms of Telekinesis
Biokinesis - Zachariah gives Dean stomach cancer and removes Sam's lungs.[36] He also injures Adam, causing him to cough up blood.[31] Castiel uses this ability, similar to demon exorcism and the pyrokinetic power used by Michael on Anna, on Lenore to kill her in 6.19 Mommy Dearest
Pyrokinesis - Michael has shown the ability to kill another angel by setting her ablaze.[3] Gabriel also demonstrated this when he lighted some candles.[47] Castiel ignited and burnt Crowley's bones.[48]
Electrokinesis - Raphael can manipulate and control electricity. When Raphael first appeared before Dean and Castiel, electricity arcs away from him while he was manifesting in his vessel for the second time.[35]
Cryokinesis - Lucifer proved capable of freezing objects by breathing on them; this occurred while he was manifesting in his vessel.[37]
Weather manipulation - Raphael, Michael, and Lucifer all manipulated weather at will.
Reality warping - Gabriel has shown the ability to create living beings, creatures, objects and imaginary realities out of nothing. He also showed the ability to reshape objects and human bodies, including his own vessel, and he was able to create an exact copy of himself as well.[49][43][50][47]
Matchmaking - Certain types of angels in the Cherub class, e.g. Cupids, can bring couples together by marking their hearts.
Destructive white light - Similar to Lilith's ability in depiction, however comes with the blue tinge that represents angelic presence, suggesting this is an extension of the angel's true form. When Castiel used this power, he ordered the humans to "Shut your eyes!" as Anna did when she regained her true form, destroying Alastair's host. The light is powerful enough to kill a diner full of Eve's "perfect creations" the Jefferson Starships in 6.19 Mommy Dearest. This may have been what the Sheriff witnessed Raphael using on demons at a gas station in 5.03 Free to Be You and Me. Naomi later used this in 8.19 Taxi Driver to try to smite Crowley forcing him to flee before she could. Metatron also displayed this in 8.21 The Great Escapist when he rescued Kevin Tran from Crowley.
Power removal - One angel has displayed the power to remove psychic abilities from humans, but it is extremely painful and mentally-damaging to the person losing the power.
Holy oil - This can be used to trap an angel. Castiel uses a Molotov cocktail of holy oil to temporarily banish Michael at Stull Cemetery.[37]
Angel banishing sigil drawn in human blood. When a hand is placed on the sigil, angels are temporarily banished from the area. It can be used by humans and angels, and the angel who uses it does not disappear with the others. Castiel uses an extreme form of this when he carves the sigil into his vessel's chest; on this occasion, he vanished with the other angels, and returned near mortal.[31]
Exorcism chant - There is an exorcism chant to expel angels from their human vessels. It seems that the chant is not well known as only one demon, Alastair, has ever used it.[2][29]
Staff of Moses[33]
Salt crystal[33]
Angel sword - Can be used by anyone.
Enochian Sigils - They can be used to disguise the location of those bearing the symbols. Castiel carved the symbols into Sam and Dean's and later Adam's ribs. Enochian sigils can also be used to keep angels from entering a building.[29][51]
Death's scythe - Crowley states that it will kill an angel.[38]
Cambion - Jesse has the power to transform Castiel into a toy. Castiel says that Jesse could "destroy the Host of Heaven."
The Colt's power against angels is uncertain. It was ineffective against Lucifer, but he stated that only five things could not be killed with this weapon, so it is possible that the Colt may work on angels, but not archangels.
Archangels can easily overpower angels, often killing or banishing them by snapping their fingers.[50][3][37]
Certain beings, such as Eve, can inhibit an angel from using his or her powers. It is not known if this applies to higher tier angels, such as the archangels. Eve existed before angels, and suggests that she has knowledge that angels lack.
Leviathans can kill angels.[52]
Naomi's torture spike - Naomi's torture spike can be used to torture and possibly bend an angel to another angel's will. It has also been shown to be capable of killing angels, possibly as it's an implement of Heaven.
Unsuitable vessels - If an angel takes a vessel that cannot hold the angel's power, it will begin to burn out unless they find a more suitable one. In extreme cases the vessel will explode upon possession.
Vessel Expulsion - If an vessel does not want the angel in them anymore and they are aware of the possession, they can expel the angel possessing them though it seems to cause no harm besides rendering the angel bodiless.
Pieces of Heaven - Any physical piece of Heaven itself can be used to kill an angel as shown when Gadreel uses a piece of rock from the wall of Heaven's dungeon to commit suicide.
History: Tyrael is an angel and thus he was never 'born' but simply created as a soldier of god. Tyrael was created as the sixth angel and so he is very old as well as very unknown. He never really had any attachment to his brothers as he was much more of an aloof angel who silently did his work and watched others as they did theirs. Taking orders from god was something that Tyrael had no problem with but most of the time he never really understood the purpose of these orders. He never had thoughts of going against gods wishes but he did have thoughts of simply neglecting to do them or passing them on to another, it was fine to him if the work still got done but he liked to simply be among and spectate the humans and their actions, it fascinated him.

One day the idea came to him, he decided to hide himself from his brothers in order to do whatever it was that he wanted to do, he wishes not to impose of the work of god, all he wanted was the peace to do as he pleased and simply spectate things. During his period in hiding he traveled to earth and took on a human host, telling the man that he was the Angel Tyrael and he wished him no harm, he wanted to take the man on an adventure along with himself. With Tyrael now having a human host he would roam around the world without having to worry about melting peoples eyes out with his true appearance. He saw many things and met many people on his travels.

Nickname: John/NecroHelix
Contact Information: Skype: John.august.heine
Other Characters: N/A
Source: Friend of Mary.

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Re: Tyrael

Post by Aislinn on Fri Sep 19, 2014 3:40 am

Accepted! Please add yourself to the Face Claims and Who's Who!

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