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Active Operations: All Hallows Eve Festival set in motion - demonic activity has increased by 75%. Guards and Angels are to be on Wall Watch for the entirety of the intiation.

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Samuel Winchester

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Samuel Winchester

Post by Samuel Winchester on Thu Sep 18, 2014 6:45 am

“I feel stronger then I look but weaker then I feel.”


"I have often dreamed, of a far off place
Where a hero's welcome, would be waiting for me"

Full Name: Samuel John Winchester
Aliases: Sammy,
Age: 18
Occupation: Hunter
Species: Tecnically Human, though with angel grace
Face Claim: Logan Lerman

"Where the crowds will cheer, when they see my face
And a voice keeps saying, this is where I'm meant to be"

Sexual Preference: Bisexual - He cares more about personality then gender
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: Sanctus
Social Class: Upper Class
Samuel has always been the type of person who wishes he could do more then he could. Growing being as difficult as it was, he had this rather realistic view of the world. He never had the opportunity to know how the world was before angels and demons decided to become massive dicks. It was always like this... and he was always the one on the short end of the stick. In a world where people, everyone, fought to survive, battling their own monsters (quite literally), he was the one Darwin's chain of evolution didn't accept. The incompatible one, the one would die off first because he was to weak.

Growing up how he did, Samuel developed a usefulness complex that has kept with him and will stay with him for as long as he lives. He has a driving urge, in everything that he does, to be useful to those around him and yet, he is continually frustrated by how little he actually is capable of. Everyone near him is brilliantly standing their own and he simply can't. He is forced to rely on others and he hates every minute of it.

This causes Samuel to always be pushing himself farther then he should, going to the point of near physical pain if it means he can do something that others would be able to deem as helpful. He envies those who have such a easy tendency to do things, those who don't struggle with their very bodies to get them to work right. Those who are seen as useful are those he tends to feel most jealous about. This is both a weakness of the man's and a driving force. This one main point of his personality dictates so much of how he sees life that it has the chance to easily be exploited. Making him seem of use, giving him something to do... Though it isn't likely to happen, it's a manipulating point for the youngest Winchester. If someone were to exploit it and give him a purpose, he may even be swayed on sides.

This being said, Samuel does have a well established sense of moral right and wrong. He knows why everyone is fighting and he understands the need to fight in general. He is kind of self secluded at times, having bouts of depression when he grows sick, but on those good days, you will see him moving around more then anyone else. It's like you were offering a cripple a day or two to walk around normally. They would take it in a heartbeat and use every waking moment to their advantage. This is much the way with Samuel. His good days are really good and his bad days are really bad.


"I know ev'ry mile, will be worth my while
When I go the distance, I'll be right where I belong"

Parents: Dean Winchester and Reagan Winchester
Siblings: Ben Braeden (half), Mary Winchester, Holly Winchester, Robert Winchester
Important Figures: Castiel
Home Town/Planet: Wilmington, North Carolina

This entirely depends on the day. Samuel was implanted with an angel's grace as a way to save his life. An angel who had been captured and taken had it taken from him much the way Castiel's once was stolen from Metatron but rather then create a spell, it was put into the dying son of Dean Winchester. Normally it would kill any human on the spot, to have something that powerful put into a human body but there was always a glitch in Samuel. From birth, his entire soul was damaged, the cause of his sickness. This glitch, imagine it more a break in a wall that was crumbling every year and soon about to fall all together, allowed the grace to come in and patch up the areas that were disintegrating.

That doesn't mean Samuel was completely cured. No, there was nothing that could completely stop the wall from breaking... but the grace in him did stop him from dying and that was good enough.

On his good days, and I mean GOOD days, he has much the abilities of an angel, teleporting and even the possible demon exorcism. Very in tune with angel radio of both sides, much like a fully fledged angel, on days like that. Those days, however, are rare and far between.

On his normal days, the only thing this grace really does for him is help him heal from immediate wounds. It doesn't cure his over all sickness but a stab or cut heals far faster then it would normally as a human.  There is even a small insight into angel radio if he concentrates extremely hard. Capable of a little light burst of grace that burns demons but doesn't kill them.

"Down an unknown road, to embrace my fate
Though that road may wander, it will lead me to you"

Samuel has more weaknesses then he has pros. The damage to his soul results in very bad days, ones where he can barely move his body and fever takes him over. He has a very big tendency for depression during these times or even delirium. Nothing helps him in these situations other then time, not even the grace that inhabits his body.

He is rather weak in general. Can't go as fast as others, can't lift as much, can't react as quickly. This is coupled with the fact that even if the day is going well to begin with, bouts of sickness happen at the oddest of times, causing him to near collapse on spot. Usually he can sense if he's about to become ill and try to get out of the situation and somewhere safe but that's not always the case.

Unrelated to his sickness, Samuel get's frustrated far to easily with the world and himself. He hates the situation he is in and gets mad at himself and everyone else whenever he just... just can't pull of something that should be so simple. Something like pick up a gun and shoot it straight or swing a machete. He gets mad to easily, almost always directed inwardly rather then at those around him, and pushes away anyone who tries to help him. He's not mad at you so much as he's mad at himself.


Samuel was born a year after the Croatoan virus was released upon the world. This means that Reagan was carrying a small boy around for a year during the initial chaos of the virus. Perhaps they targeted her without her knowledge, perhaps it was just some cruel twist of fate, but the moment being born did not help the Winchester families situation at all. Not considering how damaged the boy would grow to be.

In the initial years of Samuel's life, he seemed fairly normal. He got sick more then most children but bounced back at an average or almost average pace. It's not as if there was technology around anymore for them to check if he was alright or not and any angel that would go to look at him said his body was just fighting off a sickness and didn't have anything completely wrong with him. Not even a weakened immune system, which would be the likely cause and could be fixed.

But despite what the angels might have said about the boy, as Samuel grew, progressively he grew more and more ill. Each passing year he was able to do less then he was the previous. Dean and Reagan had a refuge to run too which made the guilt all the more pressing that Samuel even existed to burden them. He saw himself as that as he grew, always needing to be looked after, always needing help. While other children at the age of seven or eight were learning how to shoot, Samuel was lying in bed hacking up blood and trying not to bother the people who came to watch over him every night.

His range of abilities finally diminished to the point, when he was thirteen, that he didn't even wake up one morning. Completely gone, though still breathing and moving and his soul still in his body. It was a true panic actually. Each day he seemed to fade away a little more in that state till there was little more to do then wait for him to die completely. It was at this stage that someone thought to check the state of Samuel's soul rather then his body for the cause of the illness.

When they at last realized to do this, the shock was rather large. It wasn't his body that was sick but something permanently wrong with the soul of the boy, having grown more potent as the years wore on. It may have occurred early on in the infant years or even when Reagan was carrying him, it was impossible to tell, but whatever it was, it was breaking the boy apart and had been for quite some time. The main part, likely the worst news, was that there was no cure either. A body is easily healed but a soul can't just be stitched up, especially from something that no one had ever seen or heard of before. Even with this knew knowledge, giving light to the situation, Samuel was going to die. No matter how heartbreaking it was, everyone could agree on that.

That was, until an enemy angel was captured and dragged to Sanctus. After several hours of interrogation, having pumped the angel dry of all information he had, the leaders were about to kill the angel completely when someone had an idea. It was, after all, a long shot but it can be recalled that an angel's grace could be extracted. It was just an idea of course, something that no one really thought would work at first... but then, even if it didn't work, what harm was there? To put an angel's grace into a human body in that large of a quantity, it was more of a experiment then a way to save Samuel. But he was at death's door anyway, unconscious and unresponsive. If it worked, it worked. If it didn't, he'd be gone anyway.

With that thought in mind, they injected the boy with the serum. No one expected his eyes to snap open and glow blue or for him to slump back on the bed. No one expected him to slowly begin to wake up over the next several days or for his descent to death to be halted like that. The grace had clung to the part of the boy's soul that was irreversibly damaged, essentially binding the wound and keeping it from doing to much more harm.

It wasn't a permanent fix, mind you. Samuel was still not as well as everyone else. He had his days... but he also became something different with the injection of that grace. Not a Nephilim, obviously, but on days when his grace seems to be working effectively, he is almost close to an angel himself. There are more often, of course, days where he is bound to his bed or to look out his window because he can't find the energy to get up and move, but those few days are better then none at all.

As for his life as a hunter, while he can be useful, his parents more often then not restrict him to the city. In fact, he is rarely ever given permission to leave, even on days when he is on the top of his game. He hates the fact that they still see him as the dying kid and while he appreciates all they do for him, it feels more like he will never be capable of being useful to them or anyone else. That's all he wants to be. To have something where he can fight for, to be able to lead and help and take charge of. He wants to be capable and living in the city with little to do other then bide his time isn't exactly good.

That doesn't mean that Samuel doesn't emulate his parents, specifically his father. Dean Winchester is the person whom everyone looks up to, including his son. He hates that his father continues to try to protect him but he wants to prove his worth to the man more then anyone else. He wants to be the one who watches over his father's back rather then the one who is told to go inside and wait. That's what a son is supposed to do after all. Watch his father's back. So Samuel does take to finding ways to try to impress his father in everything. Whether that means breaking the rules to go out and kill a swarm of Croats or demons when he is more angelic or just gathering resources or information.

"It's an uphill slope, but I won't lose hope
Till I go the distance, and my journey is complete"

Nickname: Lake
Contact Information: tumblr @ princedeanmon
Other Characters: Krissy Chambers
Source: Mary

Roleplay Sample: N/A
Samuel Winchester

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Re: Samuel Winchester

Post by Mary Winchester on Thu Sep 18, 2014 12:22 pm

Accepted! Please add yourself to the face claim and who's who

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