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Status: Severe

Active Operations: All Hallows Eve Festival set in motion - demonic activity has increased by 75%. Guards and Angels are to be on Wall Watch for the entirety of the intiation.

Threats: Croats increasing numbers near Canaan, Caelum, and Mirabili. Demons are increasing their numbers surrounding Sanctus. Possible threat to the prophet. She is not to leave the city at all times.


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Post by Razdriel on Wed Sep 17, 2014 11:06 pm

“Wit is educated insolence.”

Full Name: Razdriel
Aliases:  Raz
Age: Appears in his early 30s.  
Occupation: Doesn't need one.  Yet.
Species: Demon/Angel  ((If this is a problem, I can scrap his character sheet.))
Face Claim: Jason Momoa

Sexual Preference:  Straight
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: Near Sanctus, but outside the walls.
Social Class: Raz doesn't abide by social classes.  However, he doesn't have many personal effects, so probably low class.

Personality: Confident and cheeky, Razdriel can be a force to be reckoned with when coupled with his muscular prowess.  After spending centuries hiding his heritage and changing his identity, Razdriel has become adept at fabricating lies and likes his privacy.  There is definitely a wall between him and the rest of the world, despite his easygoing personality.  He also isn't afraid to bluntly call out issues, though it frequently makes him enemies.

Appearance:  At 6' 4”, with a hulking and muscular frame, Razdriel is immense and intimidating.  He sports long brunet dreadlocks, has hazel eyes and enjoys wearing leather.  On his left arm, he has a partial tattoo sleeve.

Parents: Biologically, he has an angel and demon for parents. He doesn't know who they are, though, and hasn't dug too far into his conception.  His adoptive father died a long, long time ago.
Siblings: None.
Important Figures: None.
Home Town/Planet: Earth.  Somewhere in Greece.

Powers/Skills: Being a hybrid, Razdriel has some of the same strengths as both angels and demons: super strength, super stamina, supernatural perception, apparent immortality and a higher pain threshold compared to humans.  He can also listen in on the angel frequency if he concentrates, though it gives him a headache after awhile.  He can channel heat into weapons – such as the dual swords he carries on himself – but he prefers to keep this ability a secret.

Weaknesses: Sigils created to ward off angels and demons make Razdriel itch something fierce.  However, extended proximity around sigils can give him a headache, a stomachache and make him highly irritable.  Holy Water only gives him a light burn and he has pretty much built up a tolerance to salt from traveling the open seas over centuries.  Otherwise, he presumes he has much of the same weaknesses as both angels and demons.  

History: Razdriel grew up in a small village near Athens.  His adoptive father was the chief or mayor of the village.  He found Raz outside, one early morning, in a basket.  The man said he still had birthing blood on him and was squalling up a storm.  He presumed the child was the result of nomads that visited nine months ago.  

As a child, Raz learned the ways of farming and politics – being so close to Athens – along with philosophy.  Even though his father was a huge believer in Zeus, Razdriel had little interest in religion.  Due to this flippant nature to religion, the rest of the villagers found Raz less than endearing.

When his strength and highly-attuned senses became apparent, he became even less popular.  Razdriel caused plenty of accidents through puberty, trying to adjust to his ever-growing strength. Then, after he became more accustomed to his strength, his hardheaded nature and loudmouth got him into plenty of extra trouble.

When his father died, though, the rest of the village cast Razdriel out.  Well, as much as you can cast a 6' 4” behemoth out.  The man decided it was best to leave, regardless.  His adopted father was his only reason for staying; with him gone, why not explore the world? His travels took Raz far and wide, and he never thought anything of it.  Until he realized nearly 50 years had passed and he hadn't aged much since leaving his village.

That revelation prompted the man to seek out an oracle.  That's how he found out about his bloodline.  Born of demon possession and angel vessel (under unknown circumstances), he was an impossible hybrid and, from many perspectives, an abomination.  Stunned by the realization, but internally feeling it was a correct presumption, Razdriel kept his mouth shut out of a sense of self-preservation.  Despite who or what he was, that didn't mean he couldn't experience the world.  After all, did the fact he wasn't human truly matter?  Razdriel traveled far and wide, using his powers to his advantage, but never boasting or bringing too much notice to himself.  Razdriel kept a careful eye on the events of the world - whether it be from ships, deep in the jungle, monasteries or deserted islands – and studied up on the those creatures surrounding his presumed heritage.

When civilians became aware of the real presence of the supernatural; when cities began buckling down, using sigils and other preemptive measure; and especially when the Croatoan virus turned into a pandemic, Razdriel had no clue what to do.   He didn't want to be locked up behind walls nor deal with the constant ache of sigils.  The risk of being found out didn't appeal much, either.  

Being privy to angel frequency, the man eventually decided to linger near Sanctus.  If anything were to go down - since he has no other adventures planned - it would go down near the Winchesters.  At least, that's what Razdriel assumed.  Besides, if he was caught by anyone, he'd prefer the Winchesters to Lucifer and Michael.

Nickname: Al
Contact Information: Protego-et-servio and alt-lifestyle-angel on tumblr.
Other Characters: Ivy Mae Quinn (Waiting to post her profile, since I can change her residence easier than Razdriel.)
Source: I follow popculturesavvyangel on tumblr.

Roleplay Sample:

Lounging outside his home, in the deep woods, Razdriel idly whittled away.  Around him, his security system of singing birds and rustling animals, kept him on alert for even the briefest of silences.  The fire before him crackled cheerfully, a skinned rabbit roasting on the spit.  The man heaved a sigh and set his whittled work to the side.  It was days like this when he missed his aimless adventures.  When he could travel from one city to the next, finding new treasures and interesting people.  Now, everyone dug in deep in their Havens, fearing for their lives and just trying to survive.

Razdriel both pitied and envied them.  While he didn't care much for living every day in fear, the loneliness of an isolated life took its toll.  True, Raz enjoyed his privacy, but he also missed groups.  Sailing on the high seas with a crew, traveling with a caravan, even being a roadie for bands.  He didn't like people finding out too much about himself, but he loved finding out about other people.  On some level, that made him a hypocrite.  That was within his nature, a living contrary.  Part angel, part demon, completely secret.  

Vaguely, he wondered how hated he'd be if he waltzed into one of the Havens.  Or would they greet him with open arms and smiles?  Raz snorted at that thought.  Most likely, they would experiment.  See how they could stretch him, burn him, prick him, blow holes into him until he broke.  That was something Razdriel didn't want to find out.  Or trade him to Lucifer and Michael for some perk or advantage.  Those two would want him, whether to destroy or use as a pawn.

His stomach lurched and grumbled, interrupting his thoughts.  He reached for the spit and took the rabbit off the fire, blowing on the meat before chomping into the succulent meat.  Then, Razdriel realized the birds had ceased chirping to the west – near Sanctus – and animals were scurrying from the same direction.

“Shit.”  Raz mumbled around his mouthful of dinner as he scrabbled up to his feet.  Tonight was Sanctus's annual Hallow's Eve celebration.  That meant novice hunters would be trampling through the forest until midnight.  Typically, Razdriel had little to fear.  His cave burrowed into a cliffside with corridors heading both underground and throughout the cliff.  The entrance was easily hidden by rolling a convenient boulder in front of it.  However, Raz's fire and the scent of cooking meat would tip off any hunter, beginner or otherwise.  

After quickly extinguishing the fire – but not before he lit a torch - and kicking the rocks that encircled the flame out of order, Raz made a beeline for his cavern.  With his “door” firmly in place, Raz wandered further into his home.  His footfalls scraped at the floor, echoing along the cave.  He could watch the hunters bungle about the forest from one of his hideyholes –  obscured holes that he had drilled into the side of his cave himself – for entertainment.  

A slight grin curled at Raz's mouth.  Well, at least for tonight, he'd have some entertainment.

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Re: Razdriel

Post by Mary Winchester on Thu Sep 18, 2014 12:49 am

Oh my goodness. This is one of the must well-detailed sheets I've seen in a long while. I love it.

So we had an idea a while ago on another site I had where half demon/angels were called Daeva. So I'm gonna stick with that if that's okay? I really like this character a lot.

Accepted! Please add yourself to the face claims and who's who!

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