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Caiel Papana

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Caiel Papana

Post by Caiel on Wed Sep 17, 2014 6:25 pm

“Experience doesn't count anymore once you stop learning...”

Full Name: Caiel Alexander Papana
Aliases: Alex
Age: 26
Occupation:Men of Letters Agent
Inspector: He is one who inspects every single thing, be it water, food, weapons, and when it comes location, he is always one to take point by walking and inspecting rooms, buildings, even towns. If anything needs clearing, he will clear it.
Species: Human
Face Claim: Young Mel Gibson

Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: Detroit, Sector 5, Slums
Social Class: Poor
Personality: If Caiel is labeled as anything, it would be crazy, either that, or bright. He's constantly making puns, jokes, smiling and everything, even in the worst of times. He would do some simple, funny stuff; like making a sandwich in the middle of a zombie horde attack, for instance. He is also one to push buttons of people that he pisses off from his antics and enjoying doing so. Also, knowing he had beaten all the odds against him, arrogance is also what he is known for. But as dumb as he plays, he is a smart and cunning man with a heart beating within him. If people are in danger, he'd risk his life to bring them to safety, or die trying.
Appearance: Image shown. He is rather built with lean muscle with some scars here and there, but the biggest would be one right across his chest and down to his stomach.

Parents: Monica and Titus (deceased)
Siblings: Andree and Andreea (unknown)
Important Figures: None
Home Town/Planet: Los Angeles
Caiel is one with a lot of knowledge, wit, and stealth.
With the knowledge that he owns, he can make anything into a deadly utensil, be it bombs, molotovs, melee, ect. Or, he can care to any kind of wounds, be it fatal or small.
With his wit, he is able to make quick decisions, react immediately, and be able to even, in combat, be quick on his attacks.
His stealth helps him get around in difficult terrain, situations, and escapes, be it escaping the gnashing teeth of zombie hordes, or the eyes of demons.
Weaknesses: Caiel is rather clumsy, but he still manages. His arrogance and hardheadedness is also what gets him, along with a lot of other people, into trouble. And if there is one thing he doesn't know anything about, it would be Angels.
History: Caiel, after the pandemic, was forced to survive in the wastelands of America alone for a few years, beating all odds against him before he had wandered into one of the Men of Letters bunker, where he became one and gained his title and nickname, "The Inspector". From then on, he was used for difficult missions, search and rescues, sabotage, spying, and of course, inspecting.

Nickname: Kyle
Contact Information: Message me
Other Characters: Jericho Valean
Source: Tumblr

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Re: Caiel Papana

Post by Mary Winchester on Wed Sep 17, 2014 6:27 pm

Accepted! Please add yourself to the face claims and who's who!

I've seen down the end of the road
I deal in a different story
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