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Redd Cyr

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Redd Cyr

Post by Redd Cyr on Sun Nov 09, 2014 8:21 pm

“It's just a soul...”

Full Name: Redd Cyr [Cyr pronounced like sear with the 'R' rolled.]
Aliases: Redd
Age: 26 | 239
Occupation: Tattoo Artist when not being a witch..
Species: Human/Witch
Face Claim: Ward Horton

Sexual Preference: Pansexual
Marital Status: Single
Spouse: N/A
Loyalty: Neutral
Current Residence: Sanctus
Social Class: Upper
Redd is a two sided man. He has his fake side and his real side that the plastic layer has chipped away from. Depending on the day you see him and the side you see of him, he differs. The side you'll see more of is his 'kinder' side; his fake side. He is generally helpful and considerate, almost caring. He respects authority and other people fine. He is very secretive with his magic and the fact he is a witch. Not many people know, he does much of his practicing and doing in secret or as discreetly as possible. His family was very proper and he has never had sex, it was not allowed in the village. He does not know much about American slang or bad words. As using bad words would get you punished, he never even learned or heard many of them.

Redd stands a little over 6'3 and looks 'young' because of a spell he has done.

Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Tyg Cyr - Brother
Children: N/A
Important Figures: Bende Cyr - Grandmother
Home Town/Planet: France; Earth
Weapons: Witchcraft
Witchcraft/Black Magic [very well practiced]
-Pyrokinesis: The ability to manipulate and even generate fire
-Tracking: The ability to track down others
-Hexing: A spell in which a witch performs malevolent magic on a target
-Longevity: Living longer than normal humans
-Telekinesis: The ability to move something with one's mind, which is generally channeled through the hands

Iron - It appears that some, of if not all, of a witch's powers can be blocked with iron.
Witch Killing Spell - A spell that Bobby taught Sam and Dean; once prepared, it kills any witch it hits, and makes it impossible for them to use magic to protect themselves. It has a very small area of effect, as it killed one witch but left another who was standing only a few feet away unharmed.
Mortality - Based off the fact that witches are still human, they share many of the same weaknesses as non-supernatural beings (e.g. decapitation, disease, heart-failure, suffocation, etc.). However, it is known that especially powerful witches can overcome these weaknesses. [Age is not a problem for Redd.]

Redd was born in 1775 and his whole family consisted of witches, witches that focused on black magic and doing harm  with it. He was born in a small village junction in France, his whole family lived in the village, all but his parents. His aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins, everyone lived in this village. They all shared the last name and they were a famous group and to some, feared group. They were naturally dark looking but no one really knew what secrets the family held. They were all witches, black magic just another sense. Children were forced to dive into the world of magic head first and it was either sink or swim. Redd caught on easily. Though they were 'evil,' they did not say bad words. He doesn't know many bad words or their meanings and he was raised in only doing bad things with magic, not without it. Graffiti, stealing manually, etc.
The moment Redd was born his parents handed the child over to his grandmother, Bende Cyr. His parents left, they ran. People were hunting their parents and they didn't want to endanger the child. Redd grew up believing his grandmother was his mother and his brother was brother, just as it should be. Redd's brother was three years older and didn't quite understand why his parents left. Redd was raised within the village and never left it, he was never allowed. He was forced to study witchcraft and spells, lore and facts; everything about everything. Endlessly everyday. As Redd grew older he began practicing spells and then the day came he offered his soul to a demon in exchange for its power. Redd became very wise and very powerful. He was almost as powerful and wise his grandmother who had many, many more years than he. On Redd's 26th birthday he performed a spell that would make him look this way forever more and make him live eternal youth. Redd learned fluent French and after 213 years he left the village. He was the second most powerful witch in the village and after he left, his brother was the second there. Leaving the village, Redd took all his belongings. Spell books, his journal filled with lore and images and spells as well, a few amulets and other things he needed and took off on horseback across the country. He crossed country through country before he finally reached the ocean side. Redd took a ride from his native continent to a new, foreign one. North America. Redd knew no English so learning it was tough, though he found an English speaking French descendant and learned from her. For the years he's been in America learning English and his accent is still very prominent and his English is still a bit rusty. He was a very good artist back in his village so he decided to put it to good use in America and become a tattoo artist. He does more calm, artist, fashionable tattoos. More black and grey. As the apocalypse broke loose Redd kept himself safe by simply lighting the Croats and walkers aflame with his mind, one of the easier things he could do with his witchcraft. He moved into the safe haven of Sanctus as soon as he heard of it. No one but his family knows he is a witch thought he continually practices and uses his ability. Redd often does more harm than good but he doesn't mind. As long as it doesn't hurt him, who cares, right?

Nickname: Carson
Contact Information: PM or AIM [carsonsummer01@gmail.com]
Other Characters: Pierce Lothington
Source: The Site Owner c:

Roleplay Sample: Required if applying for a canon. Otherwise, it is totally optional.
Redd Cyr

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Re: Redd Cyr

Post by Castiel on Sun Nov 09, 2014 8:29 pm

This character has been Accepted!
You are now free to RP. In the meantime, you should...
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