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Dean Winchester

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Dean Winchester

Post by Dean Winchester on Wed Sep 17, 2014 12:56 am

“Keeping Humans alive and safe. Keeping the Monster's out.”

Full Name: Dean Winchester
Aliases: Michael Sword, Righteous Man, Dean Smith, Squirrel, Tom Smith
Age: 55
Occupation: Hunter
Species: Human
Face Claim: Jensen Ackles

Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Current Residence: Sanctus
Social Class: chief of police as well as commander and chief of the Armed Forces.
Personality: Dean is an oddball, he can be understanding, kind, funny, mischevious and in contrast to Sam a little immature. He was trained from an early age to be a Hunter of the Supernatural, also unlike Sam he didn't resent this training he took to it quite easily. He prefered the life that he led with his father than a normal life. Dean rather enjoys his unique life and revels in meeting new people even if he's begun to desire a normal life a bit.

Dean loves classic rock music and he's quite fond of innuedos and crude humor. He doesn't care what others think he is who he is and proud of it. Dean does his best to not get attached emotional attachment would just cause harm to those he cares about most. So he tries to keep everyone except Sam at arm's length. He will do anything to save Sam no matter the cost to the world at large or his own safety or sanity.

When on a Hunt he is ruthless and aggressive, this task he approaches with more enthusiasm than anything else. He is more merciless  than his brother, in spite of this he is capable of acknowledging when he's about to go to far. Dean passionately despises what he hunts especially demons, he is prepared to kill them without question. He is a bigot towards supernatural creatures and that is fine by him.

Aside from all of his other traits he is very laid back and well disposed when not hunting or protecting his brother. He values the safety of even innocent civilians over his own because he wants to help make the world a better place. He can be impulsive and he is arrogant, he can be highly irrational whenever his family is in danger. Though at times he shows signs of self-loathing and insecurity, he blames himself when things go really wrong even if he's not to blame. He doesn't view himself as anything other than a "grunt" in the hunt against the Supernatural.

Dean's also a father, first and foremost he's a dad and that shows in how he treats those younger than him. He fights hard to keep his kids safe and happy as well as to protect them, because they are his family. Dean also loves Reagan probably more than he ever loved Baby but he'll never tell anyone that and since the end of the world pretty much got here he's protected Baby. Having been a demon taught him many valuable lessons like how to watch people and know when they're going to betray you or how to read others. Though he rarely uses this ability, along with reaching old age he's realized he's not as young as he once was and that messes with him.

Parents: John Winchester; Father, Mary Winchester; Mother
Siblings: Samuel Winchester (51)
Children: Benjamin Isaac Braeden (35), Mary Ann Winchester (23) , Holly Marie Winchester (20) , Robert Arnold Winchester (19) , Samuel John Winchester (18)
Important Figures: Castiel, Aislinn, Crowley
Home Town/Planet:
Powers/Skills: Abilities: Excellent combat abilities and hunting abilities, expert marksman, gained much knowledge on torture while in Hell, Can perceive Fairies that may appear as humans, Learned how to be more careful with perceiving and trusting people while a demon
Weapons: chromed Colt 1911 with Ivory Grips, lever action Winchester 1887 shotgun, demon killing knife
Weaknesses: Typical Human in all ways.
History: Dean was born in 1979 which was a very long time in the past if you ask anyone now a days, he grew up pretty normal till he was four years old. Sammy was born and that was when shit happened that forever changed the life events of Dean Winchester, that day the Dean that everyone knows began his life journey. He was given Sammy and ran out of the house as it burned down it was that day he began the long journey of being trained by his father to be a hunter and protect Sam. His only life goal was to protect Sam Winchester and he did just that as a boy.

A couple years after Dean, Sam and John were starting on their vendetta quest Dean was taken shooting by John and it is one of the fonder memories Dean has of his father. Once when Dean was about eight or nine he walked out of the room cause he got bored and when he came back in a shtriga was feeding on Sam and he was upset. John killed the thing but Dean swore then and there he'd never fail to protect Sammy again, so he never did to his knowledge. When Dean was in the sixth grade he made his first sawed-off shotgun, it was one of the few things he was truly proud of.

There came a point when Sam found out about the truth and it was left to Dean to tell Sam the truth and he did. He told him that monsters were real and that their dad hunted them and a monster killed their mother. It was that year that Sam gave a present to Dean instead of John and that was an amulet, Dean wore that amulet from then on.

In 1995, Dean loses all of his and Sam's food money in a poker game and is caught stealing food. As a result, he is sent to a reform school run by a man named Sonny who is an ex-con who turned his life around and eventually gets the charges against Dean dropped. Living at the home, Dean flourishes, becoming a high school wrestling champion, making friends and doing well in school. Dean met a girl named Robin who gave him his first kiss and shared his desire not to go into the "family business." Dean's dreams at the time were to become a rockstar or a mechanic and he was supposed to go to a dance with Robin, but his father returned the night of the dance to pick him up and refused to delay even for one night. Sonny offered Dean the chance to stay permanently, but Dean reluctantly left because he couldn't leave Sam.

During the summer of 1997 John left Dean and Sam in Indiana, where they attened Truman High School. Sam had some trouble with a bully named Dirk and Dean got a girlfriend named Amanda, he got really uncomfortable when she asked about meeting her parents. It wasn't long after she caught him cheating on her with another girl and she made some pretty true accusations about his behavior.

A year later John and Dean left Sam alone to go hunt a Kitsune, at this time Dean gave Sam some advice about girls. It was later that year into the new year that he spent five days at the home of Lisa Braeden and he conceived Ben Braeden with her. Dean tried to forget about Lisa for some time but it wasn't easy.

Sam left in 2001 to go to Stanford, that hurt Dean and John. But Dean tried not to let on that it hurt him. He tried to act like everything was fine so he just did that he left to go hunting solo, Dean already had the Impala as his car. He dated a girl named Cassie Robinson, when he left he told her the family secret and she called him nuts and dumped him. That hurt but he accepted that it just wasn't meant to be but it made him much more cautious about dating.

In 2005 John went missing and Dean went to get Sam from Stanford, the two of them started off together to go find John. Dean had a near death experience and a false healer helped to bring him back to health and life. They had to kill the man's wife though because she was controlling a Reaper that helped to bring "justice" but  Dean and Sam wouldn't stand for it. During the time they're looking for their dad they find out about Azazel and at the end they confront the demon and they get into a car wreck and barely survive, both Dean and John are seriously injured. Dean's left in a coma.

Dean is in a coma and doesn't really know what's going on for a bit but his dad makes a deal with Azazel and Dean is saved. John's final message to Dean is that he may have to kill Sam someday. That leaves Dean in a pretty messed up place in his head, he isn't sure what to think but when John dies Dean is also left with conflicting emotions on that front. He's not doing so good with it but he deals with it and moves on. He finds the Roadhouse during this short time and he also has run ins with others of Azazel's "special" Children and he has frequent and often violent run ins with Meg. After Sam died, Dean made a deal with a demon for one more year he'd get Sammy back, he got Sammy back and he had only one year left to live.

Dean began to train Sam to kill demons alone for when his time on earth was up for after he was taken to hell. He began to train him and prepare him for his loss, during this time Bela Talbot stole The Colt from the Winchesters. At some point Gabriel makes Sam face the same day over and over which so happened to be a Tuesday to show Sam he couldn't save Dean no matter how he died. His death was going to happen no matter what, after that things continue on as they were.

Dean and Sam face numerous demons and a new one named Lilith shows up and wants to kill Sam because she is a rival of Azazel's and wants to destroy his plans. Dean's research on a way to save himself begins to run into more dead ends and as his time starts to draw to a close he begins having nightmares over his fate. He begins seeing what may happen to him in hell and it torments him, he also sees the true faces of demons underneath their human hosts.

In the last thirty hours of his life he can see who is possessed and can see Hellhounds, it doesn't take long before their held by a demon and barely escape. As Dean is about to die he tells Sam to be brave and hopes his brother listens to him. Dean is dragged to Hell and he gets down there and begins to call for Sam, he calls for Sam to save him to end his pain.

Dean spends only four months down there but it feels like forty years to him and he spends thirty years on the rack being tortured and enduring a pain unlike anything else. His last ten years he begins to torture other souls, he learned a good many things about torture while in hell and he also ended his own pain by doing this.

Dean comes back from Hell and he calls his brother who's number has been disconnected and he calls Bobby who hangs up on him. Then he finally hot wires a car and goes to Bobby's House, he has to fight Bobby until Bobby's convinced it's him and he's back. They go get Sam who's in a hotel with a girl in the town nearby. It is revealed that the force who dragged Dean out of Hell is an Angel named Castiel and he tries to get Sam to admit who the girl is. When he finds out much later it is Ruby, Dean is very upset with Sam for lying to him. Dean also admits he remembers hell.

During this time they are told to stop Lilith from opening the seals to Lucifer's cage and they are too late. The seals open and Lucifer is freed, it is not good and it is not helped by Sam detoxing off Demon's Blood. Castiel released him and then it causes an argument between Dean and Sam, they have a very bad fight they part for a while then the final seal is truly broken when Sam kills Lilith.

Almost immediately after Lucifer is freed they were teleported to a plane and Dean is told he was the Sword of Michael. Dean was destined to become the vessel of Archangel Michael it was time to accept that however he doesn't. So when Bobby becomes possessed and then paralyzes himself Dean isn't there to help him.

Sam and Dean separate because Sam is a liability with his demon blood lust, Castiel and Dean work together to ask the location of God. Dean has a confrontation with Gabriel and it's about the fight and it doesn't go to well because Dean gets transported to another time period and meets his future self and see's his fate if things go the right way. Later Sam and Dean meet up again and they decide to stay together to keep each other human.

Dean refuses to be Michael's vessel ever and so instead he learns his half brother Adam Milligan is Michael's vessel. So then the apocalypse is stopped by Sam and Adam being pulled into the Cage with Lucifer and Michael much to Dean's upset.

After Sam is lost to the cage Dean goes solo for a bit and finds a woman named Reagan Asher in a territory. He works closely with her while Sam is in the cage and after a while he begins to fal in love with her but he wouldn't admit it to anyone even himself. He did date her a bit and he did enjoy some time together, then Reagan got into a fatal car accident and Dean was left heartbroken for a while.

Then Aislinn gave her life to the demon Asmodeus to save Reagan and the demon was using Jayden Asher's body as vessel. Dean had Reagan back but he was not happy yet, she was still in pain because of what was going on with her brother and Dean swore then and there they'd gank Asmodeus one way or another.

Dean and Reagan fought Asmodeus one last time and then finally sealed him away again, it wasn't long after that that the leviathans began taking over. Dean knew tha the had to face Dick Roman and so he said good bye to Reagan he didn't know that she was in fact pregnant with his daughter.

Dean spent an entire year in Purgatory with Castiel, but got separated from Castiel by Castiel's choice. Dean manages to come back from Purgatory with the help of a vampire named Benny, whom he became friends with.
Dean came back from Purgatory after spending one year there (it is unknown how time differs in Purgatory, so it's possible Dean was there for a significantly longer period of time). He came back with the help of a friend, Benny, who is a vampire. Dean carries Benny's soul out of Purgatory and resurrects.

him on earth before the both of them go their separate ways. Dean travels to the safehouse in Whitefish, Montana where he bumps into Sam. The brothers reunite. When Sam asks Dean where he had been and what happened to Castiel, Dean replies saying that he had been in Purgatory and as far as he knows Castiel didn't make it. When Dean asks about what Sam has been doing Sam truthfully tells him that he has quit hunting and has been in an relationship with a girl, Amelia. When Dean asks if Sam ever tried to find him he replies that he just drove away. Dean starts checking Sam's old mobiles (which he had ditched) in which he found voicemails of Kevin Tran who had managed to escape from Crowley and is in hiding. Sam and Dean find him and they discover that he was taken to Crowley to read another Word of God. The tablet is entitled Demons, and details different ways to kill or banish them, including a spell to shut the gates of Hell. Sam and Dean decide to to seal the Gates of Hell forever and they bring Kevin into this plan. Kevin agrees, but his girlfriend then appears possessed by Crowley. Crowley tells Kevin to come with him but instead he escapes with the Winchesters. Driven mad by losing the opportunity of having Kevin read the tablet, Crowley kills Kevin's girlfriend. After a while Dean gets a call from Benny who is seen to be taking a break. Dean talks to Benny and says that he can't call just to get an update but if he needs help he will be there.

Sam falls into a coma because of some shit that went down and when that happened Dean sought the help of an angel named "Ezekiel" the angel helped Sam and it also helped keep them safe for a time, but Cas is being hunted by other angels for something he did. So Dean decided to kick Cas from their lives, it was a hard choice but he drove Cas away to protect himself, Sam and Kevin. Dean meets with Charlie again, a friend of his that is very interesting and she helps save their ass which adds to Dean's debt to her.

Dean dsicovers that "Ezekiel" is not in fact who he says and is in fact Gadreel, so Dean tries to drive him out but he then loses Kevin and Sam at the same time because Gadreel killed Kevin. Dean allows Crowley into Sam to drive Gadreel out and then Dean goes off to find a way to kill Abaddon which apparently was the reason for Sam's coma. He gets the Mark of Cain from Cain and is tested by him, once he has the mark they begin the hunt for the First Blade.

Eventually he has both the blade and the Mark of Cain and he kills Abaddon by stabbing her repeatedly. Because the Mark and the Blade cause him to lose his ability to have reason and be able to see things the right way and feels ill when he doesn't kill. Dean attempted to kill Metatron but in that attempt he himself was killed by Metatron.

Dean awakens as a demon and runs off with Crowley who teaches him to use his powers and running all over the world just so he can. He goes and causes all kinds of mischief and mayhem with Crowley at his side teaching him. When he leaves Crowley for a bit it's to go and find Reagan, some part of him still loves her and he finally goes to see her. She's hostile sensing he's different and he attacks her and nearly drags her to hell with him until he hears a small voice.

He stopped attacking and looked to see what it was, when he saw Mary he calmed instantly and told Reagan he'd never attack her again. He wanted to hold his daughter just once and he did then he swore he'd leave if she wanted him to but she didn't and he stayed there with her for a while. Dean protected her and kept her safe eventually Sam and Cas and the others tracked him down and he got cured of being a demon. That was pretty decent, he and Reagan had a small private ceremony wedding and it went from there.

Holly is born later that year and Lucifer and Michael were set free, shit began to happen over all. They began construction of Sanctus with a young child at their side and they were working on making sure people made it. Life went on and things happened, Ben Braeden came to Dean and he began working with him. Dean welcomed his last child and only son to bear his name into the world as the Croatoan virus was unleashed and he found his son was ill and sickly. Dean became over protective of him in such a way as to not allow any harm to come to him and he never really let the boy do anything that might threaten him or allow harm to come to him.

Nickname: Prissy
Contact Information: AIM; goldriderprissy or PM
Other Characters: Gabriel
Source: Mary brought me

Roleplay Sample: Dean looked down at his hands again then sighed, he had a job still to do. He was hunting the supernatural freaks that lived in this world, he needed to bring them down. Dean knew that Sam would be at his side till they destroyed those demons and defeated them, though there was now some officially freaky shit going on. He knew that life was going to get even more interesting in the near future. Though what was going on Dean had no clue other than he was interested in the spike of murders in other parts of the world.

"Wonder what the hell is going on. Maybe we should investigate and find out, though that means flying. Son of a bitch, I don't want to fly." He muttered to himself as he looked around trying to figure out where Sam was. It made him very much interested in doing something rather than just sitting here doing nothing for the time being.
Dean Winchester

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Re: Dean Winchester

Post by Mary Winchester on Thu Sep 18, 2014 6:18 pm

Accepted! Please add yourself to the Who's Who list! (You're already added to the Face Claim Smile)

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